Hainan Sanya Club S350 Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Hainan Sanya Club S350 Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project

The villa swimming pool project belongs to the outdoor heated swimming pool. The swimming pool area is 70m2 and the volume is 60m3. It is divided into 2 parts: swimming pool water purification filtration system; constant temperature swimming pool equipment. The wall-mounted integrated recirculating villa swimming pool equipment S350,  heated swimming pool equipment heating, etc., is a model of high-end villa swimming pool.
And the S350 Self-contained salt disinfection system, a set of equipment not only meets the cycle filtration, but also meets the sterilization and disinfection, which greatly saves the input cost and construction cost of the swimming pool equipment. The installation is also extremely simple, greatly shortening the installation time, and is a collection of circulating filtration. Pool equipment for sterilization and underwater lighting. It is ideal for villa pool.


Degaulle Pool Filter S350

Degaulle Air Source Swim Pool Heat Pump DGL-50C

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