Dongguan Endless Pool Project



Housing Sales Center of Gold Ground City South Art Community in Dongguan

The Gold Ground City South Art Community in Dongguan is located at the intersection of Dongguan Avenue and Port Avenue, and the independent section of the central part of South City, Houjie and Daoyu. The project covers an area of about 230,000 ㎡, with a construction area of about 420,000 ㎡ and a greening rate of 40%. The plot ratio is 1.5. Mainly based on Residential Community and Villa construction.

The Degaulle DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool is placed in the sale center as a selling point of Villa because it is new fitness equipment for more and more families. A new house with its own "Large Swimming Pool" is really the ideal living environment. Equipped with a complete set of swimming pool circulation, filtration, disinfection system, no need to build a machine room. With intelligent control, no need for professional management, greatly saving the operation and maintenance costs of the pool. It is a ideal private infinity pool.
DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool is also a Swim Spa Endless Pool. There is a SPA massage system in the pool. In addition to exercise, you can eliminate fatigue through hydro-massage and relaxation brought by SPA. 


Degaulle DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool
Pool Insulation Cover

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