Degaulle is dedicated to becoming a leading manufacturer of whole swimming pool equipment.

one-stop solution
Degaulle Swimming Pool has a philosophy - focus on overall swimming pool system solutions, so that there is no difficult swimming pool in the world. No matter of the application scenarios, but also the material and function, Degaulle swimming pool can provide you with a one-stop solution.
About the application scenarios, we have service for Hotel Swimming Pool, Scenic swimming pool, Resort pool, Fitness club swimming pool, Parent-child swimming pool, Competition swimming pool, Community swimming pool,Villa swimming pool, Homestay swimming pool and Swimming Park,etc. As for the materials of swimming pool, we can supply Integrative acrylic as well as Fiberglass swimming pool, Steel and SMC assembled swimming pool and Concrete Swimming pool. About the function of swimming pool, we could supply Filtration and Circulation, Disinfection, Heating and Cooling, Dehumidification, Lighting, Swimming and SPA. According to your requirement, Degaulle could supply 1 VS 1 service by our professional design team.
Commercial Swimming Pool

Commercial swimming pools are any indoor or outdoor swimming pools that are made to be used collectively for swimming, diving, or bathing. They are larger in size as compared to residential swimming pools.

Hotel Swimming Pool

Hotel swimming pools can help hospitality operators attract customers meanwhile staying at a hotel with a pool is one of life's little luxuries. Whether you enjoy taking a dip before dinner, a vitalising early morning swim or relaxing in and around the water during the day,it will bring you a happy moment.

Scenic Swimming Pool

There's a huge importance in searching for the most environmentally friendly products and designs in today's world, and natural pools are a great option.

Resort Swimming Pool

From lakeside cottages, to overwater bungalows, and five-bedroom villas with private swimming pools, these Leading Hotels offer a variety of impressive spaces beyond traditional hotel rooms.

Fitness Club Swimming Pool

Thanks to your pool, you'll have unlimited access to a private fitness space at home. Exercising in water improves your stamina and gets all the muscles in your body working: the perfect way to get in shape!

A pool can be used for all sorts of sports activities: serious swimming, water aerobics or team games. Exercising in water is the ideal way to get in shape and stay healthy. Tone up your whole body and improve your heart and lung capacity, all while reducing the impact on your joints.

School Swimming Pool

Swimming pools create important athletic, social, and learning areas for children of all ages. Depending on the country or region, its climate and sporting culture, pools designed for children are frequently available at sports clubs and recreation grounds. However, pools for schools are becoming increasingly popular.

Olympic Swimming Pool

The gold standard for competitive swimming are Olympic pools, used for most competitions, from local to international. They have to be 50 metres long and comply with a range of World Aquatics regulations in terms of the water depth, competition accessories, water conditions, etc.

Public Swimming Pool

Public swimming pools are those aquatic facilities that are managed by the public administration in order to provide a water space for all types of users. They are almost the same as most of the sports club pools,with the addition of children's pools.

Home Swimming Pool

Our home swimming pool range includes lap pools,therapy pools and fitness pools-perfect for swimming,water workouts,rehabilitating,or just relaxing and having fun-all year round,enjoy the Endless pool and spa for pool. whatever you're doing, you'll enjoy the pleasures of the water. It will help release physical tension and mental stress.

Pool Villa

The Private Pool Villas take luxury to a whole new level and allow you to while away in the blissful comforts of the residence where every whim can be taken care of.

Custom Process
We cherish every customer, no matter you arean individual buyer or wholesaler. We will make every effort to helpyou to enjoy boating and achieve your business goals, Sincerely welcome all of you to visit our store and factory.
Requirements communication

Our Degaulle sales team fully communicate with customer needs from the below point: where is the location of the project,because different country the voltage and temperature is different. Is the specific installation environment on the roof or in the basement,indoor or outdoor ? and the using way is for home use villa swimming pool or the commercial like hotel swimming pool, school pool, competition pool, etc.

And what is requirement of the size, shape, materials main structure, the equipment configuration economic or luxury, whether need require on site or guided services from our Degaulle installation team.

Project plan confirmation

Based on communication of customer requirements and analysis of design drawings, our Degaulle sales team will develop 2-3 project plans one-on-one for customers' reference, different specific details of the quotation plan will also be mentioned in the quotation. Choose a finished swimming pool or we provide the swimming pool equipment for concrete swimming pool, economical swimming pool or luxury swimming pool equipment,have space for machine room or choose the integrative pool equipment, customers select one suitable solution based on their actual situation.

Contract confirmation

Based on project plan confirmation ,Our Degaulle sale team will prepare the contract at once, the contract details the equipment and materials required for the swimming pool project, whether the transportation and installation feed are included, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties,payment methods and payment nodes, delivery time, and warranty period. If there is no problem between the two parties, the contract will be signed and stamped. Meanwhile, we will supply the design drawing and installation drawing according to the contract.

Installation and construction

The swimming pool installation and construction will proceed based on the contract details about it. Normally customer team does the groundwork before the installation according to our installation drawing, for example make the concrete basement smooth and tidy. Pipeline installation, swimming pool machine room equipment installation, swimming pool structure installation, will depends on the swimming pool contract we signed. General small swimming pool or finished pool can be installed by our online guide in short time, assembled swimming pool installation will be completed within 15-30days.

Debugging and acceptance

After the installation construction,the swimming pool at the stage of debugging and acceptance.

Each item meets the conditions of the "Project acceptance form",pass the acceptance and obtain 

the signature of the person in charge of the project department. At this point,the project is completed.

Why choose Degaulle?

We specialized in the production of swimming pool equipment, such as endless swimming pools, swimming pool filters, pool heat pumps, steel structure swimming pools, wave machines and other swimming pool accessories for more than 20 years.  Now products are sold to more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other countries with access to the EU CE certification., and it has served thousands of swimming pools around the world.

In the meanwhile, We are a designer and constructor of the Laos Asia and Europe Summit Hotel and gain the title of "Science and technology innovation little giant enterprise" and many honors. Also, we set up a large-scale comprehensive production base in Guangzhou and Shangyou District, Jiangxi,etc in 2006. All products have passed the national inspection and testing, while access to the EU CE certification.

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Are you factory?
Yes, we are factory which locates in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. So we have offer you factory price and satisfied after-sales service.
How to install your goods?
We will offer English Instruction Manual/Drawing for each product which will be helpful for you to install our goods. Also for the whole pool, we can offer free Construction Drawing for you to install the pool after we got 50% deposit for the whole pool equipment.
How long is the lead time?
For the lead time of the common products, we usually have stock and can send the goods after we got the payment immediately. And for the customize products, usually needs 15-20 working days to produce, then after got full payment that can arrange shipment.
Where does your products sales to?
Our products main sales to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other countries, and it has been served thousands of swimming pools around the world.
What is the payment terms?
Can 50% as deposit, and after 100% payment that can arrange the shipment.
What should I do if the products is damaged?
During the warranty time, we can offer free repair which is in case of non-human damage.
How long is the warranty time of your products?
Our warranty time is 1 years.
Inquiry me now, got the price list.
If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.
Ready to work with us ?
From R&D and production to design and installation, from maintenance to after-sales support, Degaulle provides full worry-free service. The products are sold at home and abroad, covering more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, more than 50 countries in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
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