Guangzhou Golden Mile Blue Bay FX25 Pipeless Pool Filter Villa Pool Project


Solution: Guangzhou Golden Mile Blue Bay FX25 Pipeless Pool Filter Villa Pool Project


The swimming pool project volume of Golden Mile Blue Bay Private Villa is about 50m³, and the cycle period is 4 hours/time. It uses 1 set of Degaulle FX25 wall-mounted integrated swimming pool filter equipment and 1 set of HJ-2028-20 automatic swimming pool cleaner. 


For a 50m³ villa swimming pool, only one Degaulle FX25 pipeless pool filter is needed. It is a integrated swimming pool equipment wall mount filter that can be directly hung on the pool wall. It contains pool filters, pool water pumps, pool lights, pool escalators and other pool equipment and Accessories, only one FX25 inground swimming pool filter can solve the basic configuration of a swimming pool. And there is no need to lay pool pipes and pool filter room. 


Wall-mounted swimming pool integrated equipment is also known as integrated swimming pool filtration equipment, wall-mounted swimming pool integrated machine, pipeless swimming pool filtration system, and non-roomless swimming pool filtration equipment. The equipment is an integral structure, an intelligent circulating filtration system integrating filtration, drug administration, underwater lighting, hydrotherapy massage, pool bottom suction, escalators and other functions, without the need to lay circulating pipelines. The shell is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride raw materials or acrylic materials, advanced technology and one-time molding, beautiful and durable. The pipeless swimming pool filtration system has changed the traditional installation method, does not require a computer room, is simple to install, easy to operate, and has excellent performance, thereby reducing construction costs, and it also meets swimming pool specifications and standards.



FX25 Pipeless Swimming Pool Filter

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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