FX25 Pool Equipment Wall Hung Filter

Integrative swimming pool filter FX25 is made of A grade polyvinyl chloride. It has unique one -time plastic molded, small shape, humanized design. Beside it, it is equipped with filer, pool ladder, underwater light, turbo jets in one, with two -speed pump design and two optional different filtration powers, which can be used to villa swimming pools, community swimming pools, hotel swimming pool and etc.

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Product Details

FX25 Pipeless Pool Filter 09

Advantages of Pool Filter FX25

1. Combined filter, water pump, pool ladder, pool lights, jets all in one.
2. No need machine room which can save more cost and space of building machine room.
3. Easy to install which can finished installation within 1 hour.
4. Easy to control which is with intelligent control.
5. Using polymer DuPont filter bag, the filter accuracy can reach 5 micron (sand filter is 50-100 micron).
6. Easy to maintain.
7. With safe protection against overheating, over-current, leakage safety protection, timing control operation.
8. Longer service life.



Pool Equipment Pileless Swimming Pool Filter is a mainstream product choice in the modern pool industry market. With its technical content and design concept, the pool integrated equipment has brought a new impact to the current pool equipment market. The pool integrated equipment is a swimming pool equipment that integrates swimming pool filter system, disinfection and circulation, and has become a mainstream product in the swimming pool equipment market today.

This FX25 pipeless swimming pool filter machine can meet all the needs of the daily operation of the pool. The pool filter system uses DuPont filter bag filtration with an accuracy of up to 5 microns, which is 8 times that of conventional sand tank filtration. The disinfection system uses ozone filtration, which has a fast disinfection speed, no residue, no secondary pollution, no side effects.

As a pool filter system, it does not require a large computer room like the original swimming pool filtration equipment. It is a Pool Equipment Wall Hung can be installed on the side of the pool with a PP casing instead of the operating room, which saves space. Moreover, this pool equipment wall hung pipeless swimming pool filter device does not require any piping, which can solve the trouble caused by the pipe rupture.

The equipment is equipped with a swim jet, which has the effect of jacuzzi, and the auxiliary water outlet can also cooperate with the jet nozzle to adjust the intensity of the water flow. At the same time, the bubble adjustment switch adds to the fun of the pool. Not only it is a pipeless swimming pool filter, but it is also equipped with the underwater light and stainless steel pool ladder. Suitable for the home-use pool, because it is easy to install and operate, even can save most problems of the pool operation as an all in one kit pool equipment wall hung.

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