Foshan Junyue Hotel Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Foshan Junyue Hotel Swimming Pool Project

The hotel started construction in mid-2000 and opened on August 29, 2001. In February 2003, it was awarded the title of “Four-Star Tourism Foreign-related Hotel” by the National Tourism Administration. It was awarded the “Chencun Investment Scale Award” and was evaluated in 2003. As an excellent private enterprise in Shunde District, it was awarded “Shunde Restaurant” in 2007 and “China Famous Restaurant” in 2008. Since its opening ten years ago, the hotel has been rated as “Excellent Private” by Foshan Municipal Government and Shunde District Government. The title of “Enterprise” and “Integrity Unit”; designated reception hotel in Foshan District of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010.
The swimming pool project has a volume of about 100m3 and a cycle time of 4 hours/time. It uses a French Charles de Gaulle FX25 wall-mounted integrated swimming pool filter device. The FX25 wall-mounted integrated pool filter device has a two-speed pump design. Different filtering capabilities are available.


Pool Filter FX25

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