The Spring Legend Villa Recreational Pool Project


Solution: The Spring Legend Villa Recreational Pool Project


The Spring Legend is is located in Yuequan Road, Conghua District, Guangzhou City, the Conghua Hot Spring Zone of the "Jiulian Mountain" mountain range in the national forest reserve, and the villa is surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are many home recreational swimming pool.
As you can see, it is a modern architectural swimming pool with modern home near mountains. The house is custom-built, the pool was build at the same time as the house, taking in size of the lot and the layout and relationship of the house to the pool. built for swimming or training throughout the year, especially in cold climates. So when it was actually put into use, it was found that the pool water was too cold when it was not summer, you need to add a heater. The Degaulle Pool Heat Pump is a pool savior as it is very convenient to install, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, fast heating pool, and takes up little space, can be added directly to an existing pool.


The way you choose to heat the underground swimming pool depends on the climate and your individual swimming needs-such as summer and year-round swimming plans-and you can choose from a variety of initial and final options. Long-term operating costs. The size of the swimming pool and the required water temperature are considerable factors.


The swimming pool project uses two 25HP one 5HP Degaulle air source pool heat pumps. The average energy efficiency of the Degaulle air source pool heat pump is as high as 5.0 throughout the year, and the operating cost is 65% -80% lower than the traditional heating method.




5HP Degaulle Pool Heat Pump

25HP Degaulle Pool Heat Pump

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