DGL-250C(25P), DGL-300C(30P) Degaulle Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pump collect heat from air by 20 ℃ below the refrigerant and compress heat into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant, and then passed through the heat transfer to the need to be heated water or other media, electricity is the transport of porters, so that the heat pump efficiency (COP) reaches 400-500%. Compare with 90% of heat from electricity, 60% of heat from natural gas and fuel, 35% of heat from coal, heat pump are even more energy efficient than solar energy. So swimming pool heat pump unit is the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving heater.

Degaulle Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump flow chart
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1. Normal Temperature Parameter


2. Lower Temperature Parameter


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Working Principle Of Pool Air Source Heat Pump

Degaulle Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump Schematic Diagram

Advantage of Pool Air Source Heat Pump:

1. Safe and Reliable
Degaulle Swimming Pool Dedicated Heat Pump with the most safety heating method which the water and electricity is separated completely, the electric is only as an auxiliary drive which do not heating the pool directly, so that is not exist the risk of electric shock in the pool, which improve the safety of swimmers and staff greatly.
2. Anti-corrosion Durable
Degaulle Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump use good anti-corrosion PVC + titanium tube condenser to guarantee that the main components in contact with the water can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ions in water. Shell use high -quality and anti-corrosion stainless steel material to ensure using life up to more than ten years.Its using life is far more than using life of  other ordinary heater .
3. Intelligent Control
The water temperature heating control system can accurately monitor the water temperature and control the heat pump operation according to your requirement , so that the swimming pool water temperature maintained at setting water temperature to achieve the purpose of lasting warm.
4. High Efficiency and Energy Saving
Swimming pool heat pump unit requires only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times the heat used to provide hot water, high energy conversion rate, significant savings in operating costs.
5. Friendly-environment
Using heat pump technology, compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as: oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) can save 65% to 80% of the operating costs, no pollution to the environment.

Degaulle Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump Advantages

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