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With the development of recent years, the technology of air source heat pump has also been greatly upgraded, of which DC inverter air source heat pump has gradually become the mainstream choice of families and businesses.

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Working Principle Of Inverter Air Source Heat Pump

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What is an Inverter Air Source Heat Pump?​​
The variable frequency air source heat pump can change the fixed frequency of 50 Hz to the operating frequency of 20 Hz to 120 Hz through the variable frequency controller. It can adjust the power supply frequency of the compressor and the fan at any time according to the environment and water temperature, adjust the speed of the compressor and the fan, and realize the stepless variable speed adjustment, so as to achieve the rational use of energy.

When the frequency conversion air source heat pump is started, the current is low, which will not impact the power grid and the watt-hour meter, and can reduce the interference to other indoor appliances in use. The voltage adaptation range reaches 120V-270V, which solves the problem that the work is affected by the instability of the voltage. The wider the frequency variation range, the more it can ensure non-stop operation under most working conditions, and the more obvious the energy saving advantage is.

In addition, in winter, due to the low ambient temperature, the air energy will defrost frequently, and the heating capacity of the air energy will be greatly reduced. When the inverter air can defrost, it will use high-frequency operation to defrost, which reduces the defrosting time and increases the heating capacity. DC variable frequency air source heat pump heating has a larger working range than conventional heat pumps. It can operate normally under extremely low ambient temperature. The heating capacity at -15°C ambient temperature is 60% higher than that of fixed-frequency heating heat pumps. -25°C The ambient temperature heating capacity is 80% higher than that of the fixed frequency heating heat pump.

Advantage of Inverter Air Source Heat Pump:

1. High efficiency and energy saving, low noise, long life
The frequency conversion air can determine the operating frequency of the compressor and the fan according to the required amount of heat (cooling), so as to use the energy reasonably. Since the compressor will not be turned on frequently, the compressor will maintain a stable working state, so it will not consume more power. The COP energy efficiency can save more than 30% of the overall energy saving of the fixed frequency air source heat pump, and at the same time, it has a very obvious effect on reducing noise and prolonging the service life of air energy.
2. Accurate temperature control and high comfort
After the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the variable frequency air source heat pump will not stop running like the fixed frequency air source, but will run at a lower frequency to maintain the set temperature, especially when providing heating (cooling) for the home , it can control the amount of heating (cooling) by changing the speed of the compressor. The fixed-frequency air can maintain the set temperature by repeatedly starting and stopping the compressor. The temperature difference fluctuates greatly, and the water temperature fluctuates, so the room temperature will be over cooled or overheated.
3. Using R40A refrigerant is more environmentally friendly
Inverter air source heat pumps generally use R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant, which has high system pressure, good heating, high energy efficiency, non-toxic, no peculiar smell, and will not destroy the ozone layer.

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