Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The private swimming pool is a good place for swimming and leisure in home. Too low or too high water temperature is not conducive to your activities in the water. The Degaulle air source heat pump is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly energy source that achieves a pool heat pump efficiency (COP) of 400-600% and the swimming pool heat pump is more than 70% energy savings compared than other energy sources. Also an average of 4KW or more of heat pump thermal energy can be generated for every 1KW of electricity consumption, and the same power consumption of pool heater is about 4 times higher than that of electric hot water boilers. And the air water heat pump can provide the 26 °C constant temperature hot water required for the private swimming pool for a long time and stable, so that you can enjoy the swimming fun in the four seasons.

Create a better condition for swimming
The swimming pool heater is a great invention for swimming all year round. Since the temperature difference between cool or cold pool water and land, many people may feel uncomfortable when they enter the pool, as do when they come out of the pool. Furthermore, many swimming enthusiasts may be stopped by the cold weather. Swimming pool heater makes the pool water more controllable and creates a better swimming condition. For the pool operator, it can greatly enhance the user experience.

Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool Heater
The swimming pool heat pump uses the outside air to heat the pool and only uses a small amount of energy to transfer the heat. First, the Air Source Heat Pump draw in the air into the machine, the compressor is then going to create a hot vapor, the condenser is then going to transfer the heat from the vapor to the pool water making nice warm pool water. Only use air can make the pool water warm, Air source heat pump is much eco-friendly than a gas pool heater and pool boiler. It is really nice for the global climate.

Most affordable in the long term
A pool is built for long-term use and exists for many years, it is not like a small toy, it is a long term investment needs to be carefully considered. The daily operating expenses of swimming pool heater also need to be taken into account in the cost. As for the Swimming pool heat pump unit, it requires only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times the heat used to provide hot water, high energy conversion rate, significant savings in operating costs. No Natural gas, fuel oil, gas, a lot of electricity or other costs. And Air Source Heat Pump is not affected by the weather as the solar pool heater. The daily cost to run of the swimming pool heat pump is absolutely the lowest but create a great effect in a short time.

Safe and reliable
The Air Source Heat Pump uses a completely separate safe water and electricity heating method, not directly heating the pool, greatly improving the safety of swimmers and operators. It can adapt to any environment and various swimming pools, good for any size pool, small, medium, large or whatever. 


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