Garden Endless Swimming Pool Renovation Project in Guangzhou Agile



Garden Endless Swimming Pool Renovation Project in Guangzhou Agile

It is not a general endless pool but an endless pool composed of a garden lap pool and Degaulle Counter Current Machine. Because the home lap pool is beautiful but not practical, its limited swimming space restricts the play of swimmers, so the swimming experience is not good. Installed the swimming machine, small swimming lap pool body had endless swimming space. A awesome swimming pool was born.

Degaulle Counter Current Machine is a multi-functional swimming training unit that integrates pool water circulation, filtration, disinfection, and counter-current swimming training. The filtration system uses advanced paper core filtration and is easy to maintain. So as long as you buy such a machine, you can meet all the needs of your swimming pool equipment. It only needs 2-3 days to complete installation. The counter current training system has 12 swimming strengths and is suitable for a variety of fitness swimming projects. Degaulle Counter Current Machines are very suitable for the renovation and upgrading of small existing Existing lap pools.



Degaulle Counter Current Machine

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