Fujian Endless Pool Project


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Solution: Fujian Endless Pool Project

Either build the pool in the mountains or move the mountains to your home.
Degaulle Endless Swimming Pool can install any place which you think that is beautiful and how far or how long you want to swim as you can.
Degaulle Endless Swimming Pool is with swimming function and spa function together. Swimming area has a smooth ,counter-current swimming propulsion system that can adjust the strength of different water flow .And spa area offer jet-type hydro massage seats.
And the water speed of Endless Swimming Pool is the swimming speed of the swimmer. The adjustable range of the water speed is from 2 to 210 meters per minute (Olympic crawl 1,500 meters record holder is 103.3 meters per minute, and the general person is about 75-85 meters per minute. ), ie swimmers can complete 1.5 km non-steering swimming distance within 15-20 minutes.


Endless Swim Pool

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