Guangzhou Kaisagroup Heaven Villa Apartment Endless Swimming Pool Project


Solution: Guangzhou Kaisagroup "Heaven villa" Apartment Endless Swimming Pool Project


Guangzhou Kaisagroup "Heaven Villa" duplex high-rise apartment swimming pool project. The size of the swimming pool is: 2*5*1.5, the volume is 15m³, and the Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine is used.


Since the built high-rise duplex apartments, the endless swimming pool is not easy to hoist and install. Endless swimming pools are relatively heavy and need a good floor bearing capacity. So what if you want to have an endless pool. Just install the core of an endless pool, immediately turn the small pool into an endless swimming pool, and you can enjoy the joy of swimming while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the upper floors. The swimming machine provide the fixed swimming with counter current water. They allow you to swim "endlessly" without turning. This is the largest swimming pool you need!


How much is such an endless swimming pool fitness system?
It must be much affordable than an all in one kit Endless Swimming Pool. Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine is also an all in one kit swimming machine, which includes all the pool equipment required by the swimming pool, it is a multifunctional swimming training unit integrating pool water circulation filtration, disinfection, and counter-current swimming training.
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Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine’s operation does not require automatic control in the machine room, no complicated manual operation, and no professional management. All operations can be controlled through the electronic panel.


The Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine can provide 12 different swimming strengths. Whether it is the elderly, children or professional swimming trainers, they can find the right swimming water flow strength. Four swimming styles can be switched at will, so that the small swimming pool can swim out of the sea. !


The Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine The engineering volume is very small, and it is the first choice for small swimming pools in families and villas. 



Degaulle Pool Counter Current Swimming Machine

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