Dongguan Villa Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project


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Solution: Dongguan Villa Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Project

Endless pool unit + S350 integrated constant temperature swimming pool project, cycle: 1.3h, circulating flow: 50m3 / h, the project uses a S350 integrated pool equipment with salt and disinfection The system, a set of equipment not only meets the cycle filtration, but also meets the sterilization and disinfection, which greatly saves the input cost and construction cost of the swimming pool equipment. The installation is also extremely simple, greatly shortening the installation time, and is a collection of circulating filtration, sterilization and disinfection, underwater The swimming pool equipment is integrated into the lighting; the heated swimming pool equipment uses  air source heat pump. It is the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly swimming pool thermostat system with COP up to 5.2, intelligent and precise control, and automatic defrosting function in winter.
Also used is a recently popular endless pool counter current unit . It is equipped with ozone sterilization and UV disinfection. It is a multi-functional swimming training unit integrating pool water filtration, disinfection and countercurrent swimming training. The first choice for small and medium-sized swimming pool water treatment equipment is also particularly suitable for upgrading and upgrading old pools, and the amount of engineering is very small. And has 12 stalls water speeds that can be adjusted to allow the stationary pool water to flow in a stratified manner. When the swimmer swims in reverse laminar flow, it is like a swimming pool in a flowing river. The size limit, truly experience the fun and fitness features of unlimited swim!


Pool Filter S350

Air Source Swim Pool Heat pump DGL-100C

Counter Current Machine

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