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Ideal Endless Pool Home Leisure Pool is Swim Spa Hot Tub Combo


For home leisure pools, the pool area is a very very troublesome problem. The area of residential land is inherently limited, even for larger villas. The family can not have a public swimming pool as large as the swimming pool, it is generally the family pool are just a relatively small area home lap pool, which can meet the basic swimming needs, but it does lose the pleasure of swimming. We need to swim back and forth due to limited space. Then imagine what is the most ideal place to swim? Swimming freely like a fish. That is probably the sea and the river.




Although we all live on the earth, the sea and the river are not my home. Degaulle endless pool can help you move “Largest Pool” into your cozy little home. The Degaulle Endless Pool is like a swimming machine like an underwater treadmill. It creates the effect of a large swimming pool by creating an endless stream like the sea and the river. It can also be said that it is a resistance swimming pool. The resistance formed by the water flow resists the force of the swimmer's forward movement and reaches a relatively static state, but in fact, the swimmer has been swimming forward. In this way, you can also enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the endless sea in a small exercise pool for home. Swim in the ordinary small home lap pool must be dizzy.




The biggest difference between Degaulle Endless Pool and other endless pools is that its swimming pump has a width 800+ mm water outlet and is equipped with a machine that regulates smooth water flow inside, so its water flow is very powerful and stable, regardless of the gear position.  No matter which water flow speed you chose, the water flow is large and smooth, this is a very comfortable swimming environment.




And time will not have a direct impact on the concentration of people because of the large impact of water flow, this impact is likely to cause choking water, the water flow is not smooth swimmers will swim deviate. Degaulle Endless Swimming Pool is your best choice of home lap pool.


As a family leisure pool, it is also an entertainment place while achieving the swimming function. It is both an adult pool and a Kids pool.

The Degaulle Endless Pool is a swim spa hot tub combo to achieve both swimming and spa functions. It can accommodate 4 people at the same time to enjoy the SPA area. Such a pool can be used for swimming training alone. After the training, you can relax and massage to eliminate the fatigue of training, also can be alternately swimming with families, others sat chatting swimming massage area, enjoyable.



Besides, the pool is equipped with a constant temperature pool heat pump, which is a pool that can swim all year round, whether outdoors or indoors. It is equipped with a pool heat pump that can heat the swimming pool. Because this is a small pool, the water to heat is also very limited, so don't worry about energy consumption. Degaulle self-developed swimming pool heat pump has high heating efficiency, 1.6 times that of natural gas pool heaters, and even more energy-efficient than solar heating. It is an air source heat pump that uses air and electricity.




Degaulle Endless Pool is a swimming pool for the whole family to swim all year round and also for swimming training.



The following is a private pool project of a villa in Hainan, using the Degaulle DGL 5823 Endless Pool, a swim spa hot tub combo pool, provide a swim and spa together. This leisure home pool includes a complete pool circulation, filtration, and disinfection system, eliminating the need to build a machine room. Intelligent control, without the need for professional management, greatly saving the operation and maintenance costs of the swimming pool.



This endless pool is placed in the backyard because it is installed in the ground to become an underground swimming pool. So it is additionally equipped with a disappearing safe swimming pool cover doubles as a deck. A convertible pool disappears before your eyes and turns into a deck! By covering the pool when not in use, it improves pool safety, protecting children and pets from falling in.




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