The Must Have Accessories for your Swimming Pool

The Must Have Accessories for your Swimming Pool

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  • Date: 2019-11-14

If you are going to make your own swimming pool come true, here are the best answer to a swimming pool must have from professional swimming pool accessories suppliers.


1.Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment

It is one of the most basic configurations of a swimming pool. There are 2 kinds of situations, the traditional machine room with pool sand filter and pool pump, and Integrative Swimming Pool Filter Kit



The traditional machine room with Pool sand filter and pool pump equipment is suitable for relatively large swimming pools, such as standard pools, water parks, etc. A large amount of water requires equipment with strong filtering ability like pool sand filters and pool pumps. So it requires a large number of pipelines and needs to build a machine room, and the construction process time will be a little long. But the machine room can hold a lot of things.


Integrative Swimming Pool Filter Kit is suitable for small and medium-sized swimming pools, such as clubhouse pools, hotel pools, private villa pools, etc. It includes the pool pump and filtering system, the dosing system and even the pool light, it is all in one kit. It does not need machine room and pipeline, Integrative Swimming Pool Filter is easy to install and operate, the filtration precision is up to 5-15μm, and the management cost is very low. It is the first choice for many swimming pool circulating water treatment.


2.Swimming pool disinfection equipment.

Swimming pool water treatment is an important part that directly affects the water quality of swimming pools. The swimming pool disinfection equipment can be divided into a drug metering pump, a pool dosing pump, an ozone generator, a UV pool sanitation, a salt chlorine machine, and a copper-silver generator.


3.Constant temperature swimming pool equipment.

The pool heater is really a boon for swimmers, allowing swimming all year round. The heated pool equipment is to ensure the temperature of the water in the pool. The constant temperature swimming pool equipment can be divided into pool boiler, plate heat exchanger,  swimming pool heat pump, electric heater, solar heater.


4.Swimming pool cleaning equipment.

In addition to the basic circulating water treatment equipment and disinfection equipment, a swimming pool requires regular maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool. The pool cleaning equipment can be divided into three types: seven-piece cleaning tools, shore-based manual swimming pool cleaner, and fully automatic swimming pool cleaner robot.


5.Swimming pool lighting equipment:

Underwater lights landscaping swimming pool, including pool wall lights, waterproof cables.


6.Pool facilities

Such as escalators, starting blocks, lifebuoys, life-saving chairs, beach chairs, coffee tables, sun umbrellas and so on.


7.Water quality testing equipment

Water quality monitor, water test box, water temperature meter.


Furthermore, if you have any questions of pool accessories, please contact us swimming pool accessories suppliers freely.


Other Requirements for the pool:


1. Equipped with a certain number of umbrellas.

2. The bottom of the pool is equipped with low-pressure explosion-proof lighting. The bottom is full of tiles, and there are overflow-proof drains around it.

3, the pool area of various facilities and equipment, beautiful and comfortable, intact, its integrity rate is not less than 98%.

4. Equipped with an automatic pool water disinfection circulation system and heating facilities.

5. The poolside is full of water-free green carpet, set up a lounge chair, seat table, large potted pots of interest in the area.

6. In the deep-water area and the children's splash zone, the water depth in the deep-water area is not less than 1.8m, and the depth of the children's splash area is not more than 0.48m.

7. The swimming pool is beautiful in design, the building area is spacious, the top of the floor is tall, and the ceiling and wall glass should be well lit.

8. There is a dedicated access passage to the swimming pool, and a dip disinfection tank at the entrance.
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