What Pool Heater do I Need?

What Pool Heater do I Need?

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  • Date: 2019-10-15

As the summer leaves, the autumn is coming, the winter is not far. Many people may only remember the coolness and refreshment of swimming in the summer, and they are discouraged by the cold autumn and winter swimming pool. In fact, swimming in the winter also can be very comfortable? what? Isn't it so cold to swim in winter? This is actually not the case.

In fact, after being stimulated by cold water, the body strengthens blood circulation and metabolism in the body. The blood vessels of the skin also contract sharply after being stimulated by cold water. The internal organs and deep tissues inhale a large amount of blood, and the blood vessels of vital organs of the internal organs are dilated. In order to resist cold, the blood vessels of the skin quickly expand, and a large amount of blood flows from the internal organs to the body surface. Therefore, swimming in the winter can improve the body's immunity and help you to resist the flu in spring and winter. This is the reason why athletes are difficult to get sick. It can be said that the advantage of winter swimming is to enhance cardiovascular function.

What makes the cold pool water the best pool water for swimming? It is a pool heater. And the most noteworthy is the constant temperature pool heat pump, which can heat the pool and control the pool in a constant temperature and comfortable environment.



The constant temperature pool heater pump is now widely recognized in the market. As a swimming pool equipment, it is more unique in the design and construction of products to projects than other swimming pools. Why say that? And to know some of the characteristics of the pool heat pump.

The installation of the pool heater pump is very simple and flexible, the overall design is compact, the appearance is exquisite, and the space is small, the air-cooled main unit and the auxiliary separation structure can be used in the indoor water system. The constant temperature swimming pool heat pump uses an advanced titanium-titanium water heat exchanger to resist the corrosion of chloride ions in the water. The outer casing made of high quality galvanized steel is more durable. In general, it has a very high energy efficiency ratio and low operating and maintenance costs.



Nowadays, people have high requirements for lifestyle. In addition to enjoying a comfortable swimming pool environment in the summer and hoping to enjoy the same in the cold winter, you need a heated swimming pool equipment. Nowadays, many villa pool owners, in addition to meeting their own needs, also hope to achieve the highest return on investment with the lowest input costs and management costs. Compared with general swimming pool equipment, the constant temperature swimming pool heat pump has won the favor of customers in terms of technology and economy.

The air source heat pool pump is an energy-saving device that utilizes high levels to transfer heat from a low-level heat source to a high-level heat source. Air, as a low-level heat source for heat pumps, is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, and can be obtained free of charge. With the ringing of the global climate crisis and the soaring oil and gas prices in recent years, pool air source heat pumps are the first choice for pool heaters.
In addition to environmental protection, it also greatly reduces operating expenses. There are many pool cover suppliers, and if you don't have special requirements, the automatic swimming pool cover will be your best choice. It is beautiful, simple and easy to operate. Most pool cover suppliers are also recommend this.




By the way, it does not only need to heat the pool in winter but also need a pool cover to keep the temperature of the pool. Together with the swimming pool cover, it can prevent dust and leaves from entering the pool, and reduce heat loss and water evaporation.
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