Pool Heater and Pool Heat Pump

Nowadays, many swimming pool fitness clubs choose to build indoor heated swimming pools because the indoor heated swimming pool is not affected by the weather and the seasons, and can be operated all year round. It can bring a club with many fixed members swimming enthusiasts. So how do you build a heated swimming pool? What equipment do you need?


Thanks to the constant temperature swimming pool equipment and technological advancement, the swimming pool experience for consumers has been greatly improved. Pool thermostats allow for increased swimming pool time, plus constant temperature and humidity equipment to ensure a stable swimming pool temperature and humidity, providing a good swimming environment for swimmers.


Common heating methods for constant temperature swimming pool equipment include gas heating, boiler heating, solar heating, electric heaters, air source heat pump heating, etc. Experts in the pool water heating said that in the healing process of the pool heating equipment, it is not recommended to use only one heating method, and the pool thermostat equipment combination can be selectively used according to specific geographical conditions. It is generally recommended to use a primary heating device in combination with an auxiliary heating device. For places with abundant solar energy, it is possible to use solar heating, gas heating or electric heaters. For places with less sunlight, it is best not to use solar heating. It is recommended to use an air source heat pump in combination with auxiliary heating.




Solar heating and swimming pool heat pump heating are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Solar heating should take into account the existing conditions of the on-site building, and the connection structure of the building, bearing capacity, overall perception, wind resistance, and other factors. Because of the large lighting area and a large number of collectors, it is preferable to select the types of collectors. According to the local environment of the swimming pool and the actual load of heating, choose the collector type with its performance-price ratio.


Until today, the technology of heat pumps can be said to have developed very mature. The air source heat pump is now a heating and water heater that can replace the boiler. Compared with traditional solar energy, the heat pump can not only absorb the heat in the air but also absorb solar energy. The heat pump absorbs heat from the air or water through the temperature difference between the refrigerant and the air or water. After the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, it is exchanged. The heat exchanger transfers heat to the water, greatly improves the thermal efficiency, and makes full use of the cheap natural energy. It is a new type of constant temperature swimming pool equipment that combines the advantages of electric heater and solar heating.



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