Do You Know Degaulle Swim Jet System?

Why do you need a pool swim current generator?
One of the biggest advantages of having a swimming pool is the accessibility of exercise. Fortunately, you no longer need space or financial resources to build and maintain a big pool of 8*25. You can install a pool swim current generator in any swimming pool of at least 6 × 6 "to accommodate a variety of yard sizes and budgets. It can make your small lap pool into a large endless pool as it is becoming a Jet Training Swimming Pool. Generally, having a swimming pool at home is to have a relatively private, clean water pool. These can be achieved. However, due to space constraints, family pools are generally small and lose the enjoyment of swimming in large pools. The difference between small swimming pools, the laminar flow thruster is now an excellent solution to this problem.

How does it work?
The pool swim current generator is propelled by the outflow of the water flow, which creates horizontal resistance from the river flow swim jet to the swimmer, causing the swimmer to move horizontally backward, and at the same time swimmer swims forward to move the body forward. These two forces make the swimmer relatively still status. This can achieve the effect of swimming in a large pool and save pool space. In addition, the laminar flow thruster has 8 speeds of water to meet the needs of various swimming strengths. Such a Jet Training Swimming Pool will bring more fun for your small pool, make your small pool into an endless pool!

Why does the Degaulle pool swim current generator is the best choice?
680mm width water outlet
Degaulle pool swims current generator has a 680mm width water outlet, which can provide smooth but powerful water flow. It's a real riverflow swim jet. Because the outlet is wide, so the wider river flow will reduce the hydraulic shock, as the other swim jet system is composed of the swim jet with a small outlet, it may be more suitable for enjoying a water spa and not swimming. The shock of the water from the small jet is too powerful to swimmer’s body, it is directly shocking. It may cause swimmers to lose balance while swimming, and even have a snorkeling event. Big water outlet riverflow swim jet makes swimming at your endless pool more enjoyable.

Suit for all swimming pool
There are 2 types of Degaulle pool swim current generator to make a Jet Training Swimming Pool, wall-mounted and built-in swimming pool current machine. The Wall-mounted swimming current machine is suited for an existing pool, the installation is very convenient which is just need to 4 proprietary screws. It can be installed at the side of any pool. The built-in swim machine needs to dig a pit of the machine, and it can perfectly hide in the poolside. Even more, it is equipped with filtering and disinfection functions, so that your new pool just need a pool pit and one Degaulle built-in swim machine.


Economical endless pool
It has the function of an endless pool but without the expensive cost.

For you
Whether you are looking for a simple way to exercise or competitive swimming a swimming pool current machine is the most economical way to get maximum exercise. It will renew your pool and life.

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