Counter Current Machine

The counter-current swimming machine adopts the support design, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The outer casing of the pool current machine is made of acrylic sheet material imported from the United States. The inside and outside of the counter-current swimming machine casing are bright and tidy. The swimming pool wave machine is a multi-functional swimming training unit integrating pool water filtration, disinfection and counter-current swimming training machine all in one. Also, this swimming pool wave marker is not only the first choice for new medium and small swimming pool water treatment equipment but also suitable for the renovation and upgrading of the old swimming counter current pool. The work amount of swimming pool wave marker is very small which can be upgraded and upgraded within 1-2 days. Due to the powerful laminar flow propeller of counter current machine, the small bathing pool also can becomes a powerful infinity pool!


1.New Pool Trend——Endless Pool Alternative
Endless Pool is an ideal pool for hydrotherapy and water exercises, Swimmers can swim and swim in the swimming pool and never reach the end of the small swimming pool. It creates a water resistance to prevent displacement just working as an underwater treadmill. The Counter Current Swimming Machine is a core part of an endless pool, which creates a counter current for the pool. As an Endless Pool Alternative, it is really perfect for the small pool and home lap pool. By installing a swimming pool current machine, any pool can become endless perfectly. In addition, counter current pool is a new business for Fitness Club which can refresh the traditional pool and is more attractive for the workout.

2. How does Endless Pool Cost? A Swimming Pool Current Machine is More Affordable.
The counter current swimming machine is less expensive than an endless swimming pool. Its price is almost one-third of the endless pool price. Although it is only a machine, it is the essence of an endless pool. If you have a ready-made pool, it is the best option for you to have a new endless pool. If you are planning to build up your infinity pool but you have budget and space constraints, it is also the best choice. While the all in one kit Endless Pool is a big object and big investment, the swimming pool current machine in the pool is like a household appliance, and the cost is very affordable.

3. How does it work well?
The counter current swimming machine equipped with a 680mm / 860mm width water outlet which creating gentle water flow makes a better swimming condition. With 8 / 12 adjustable speed water flow, it can meet different demands at the current swimming pool. Refresh a traditional swimming pool into an endless one, it makes the pool more fun and better for health and wellness. All the operations can be finished by the intelligent control touchpad. The counter current pool machine can be installed at any type of pools, there are 2 installation ways, the embedded and wall-mounted. Generally, a current swimming pool can be upgraded and completed within 1-2 days.

Not only does it bring you a counter current pool, but it also solves all the problems of a normal pool. The machine has the function of creating counter current but also equipped with filtration and disinfection system. Refresh a traditional pool into a current swimming pool for more active and more fun, save all the problems in one kit.

The Swimming Counter Current Machine is a great alternative for an Endless Pool.


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