HSM680 Wall-mounted Swimming Training Machine

Product Description
The wall-mounted swimming training machine is a new-generation swimming machine developed by our company, which can be used in a variety of swimming pools to achieve infinite swimming.

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Degaulle Swimming Training Machine Introduction:
Degaulle Swimming Training Machine is a new-generation swimming machine developed by our company,which size is 1090*860*920mm. That swimming training machine is design for a ready samll pool that want to add the endless training fuction with his/her small pool in family casue that siwmming training machine can wall-mounted on the pool wall, only 4 sets of screws, 2 workers can be installed in 20 minutes, no need to discharge the pool water. And also design for a training pool which with 8 stalls that you can adjust the suitable swimming speed for yourself.


Wall-mounted Swimming Training Machine Parameter Table


Wall-mounted Swimming Training Machine Flow Rate Table


Degaulle Swimming Pool Machine Features
Advantage 1: Easy to install.

Wall-mounted on the wall of the pool, only 4 sets of screws, 2 workers can be installed in 20 minutes, no need to discharge the pool water.

Advantage 2: Simple operation.

Control panel and phone connection operation. easy and convenient.

Advantage 3: The water flow is smooth and powerful.

The design has 8 optional swim speeds for swimmers to choose. Swimmers can choose different swimming stalls according to their swimming level. The 680mm water outlet is designed with a deflector and a smooth flow of water.

Advantage 4: Safe to use.

The device of swimming training machine is equipped with a low-voltage DC drive that provides safety for swimmers.

Advantage 5: Beautiful appearance.

The swimming training machine is made of acrylic material as the shell, the inner coated glass fiber reinforced, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the material is used for outdoor weather resistance.

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