Endless Swimming Pool DGL-7900

Product Description
The Endless Swimming Pool forms a directional water flow in a limited space, allowing swimmers to swim against the endless pool machine, similar to the principle of a water treadmill. Since swimming is a kind of "aerobic exercise", regular "aerobic exercise" can greatly improve various functions of the human body so as to reach a balance of physiological indicators and shape of the human body and keep the health of the human body.

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Working Principle Of The Endless Swimming Pool
The type of this endless swimming pool can install it directly into the soil which no need to reserved the equipment pit in advance. And there with two repair ports are designed at the top of the counter current machine which is easy for maintenance. At the same time, this installation method can save more cost of construction and decoration for the user. Also the endless swimming pool with its own steps which is easy to rise and fall the pool. And the counter current machine(double pump) with strong power that suitable for professional swimming training. Especially for triathlon athletes, DGL7900 Endles Pool is an excellent triathlon swimming training machine. It can not only simulate the water flow in open water, but also adjust the speed of the 12 gears. Due to the use of dual pumps, ordinary endless pools cannot achieve the power as it generates, which is exactly what triathletes need most. If you already have a swimming pool, you can consider using this HSM6800 Swimming Training Machine, it is very easy to install.








Advantages of Endless Swimming Pool

1. Integrated Intelligent Operation, Bigger Size Endless Pool
Integrated swimming pool disinfection, filtration, constant temperature, massage system. with swimming mode,they all can be operated through the operation panel.The 7900mm infinity pool is more suitable for professional swimming training, with 2 power pumps and strong water flow.

2. Thick Insulation Cover
It can reduce the evaporation of swimming pool water and save water, and can better isolate the heat loss so that the swimming pool can maintain suitable swimming temperature. The most important thing is that the cover with the password buckle which can increase the safety of the swimming pool and prevent children from entering the pool alone.

DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool 38

3. More Safety And Healthy
As for elderly man and children, there is more chlorine in the general public swimming pool (used for disinfection of swimming pools) and it will hurt the skin. Public swimming pools are also prone to spread diseases, especially pinkeye.


4. Operating Costs Are More Economical
1KW electric energy of DEGAULLE Endless Swimming Pool can produce 4-5KW thermal energy, which is 4-5 times that of ordinary electric heating energy efficiency, and the built-in installation method does not need to occupy additional space, and does not require additional installation. The initial replenishment water temperature is 15°C, and the design water temperature is 28°C. And the initial heating time is only 16H, and the power consumption is 35 degrees. In spring and autumn, energy consumption is only 9 degrees/day, and in the winter it is only 12 degrees/day.

DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool 31

5. DEGAULLE Endless Swimming Pool can provide you with 12 different swimming speeds. And then how far and how long you want to swim as you can. And you can burn your calories at any time , but you can avoid joint pain that can result from excessive exercises. No matter what kind of swimming posture you are, you can perfectly swim.

DGL-5823 Endless Swimming Pool 33

Endless Swimming Pool VS Ordinary Villa Swimming Pool

Compared to ordinary villa pool, the Endless Swimming Pool has unparalleled advantages: zero engineering,  swimming more enjoyable, more advanced functions, more affordable costs, and easier use.



Installation Methods
DEGAULLE Endless Swimming Pool has different installation methods .So no matter where you want to place it, it can meet with you.
DEGAULLE Endless Swimming Pool not only combine with heating and SPA function, but also has different installation methods, such as half-embedded, floor -standing, embedded method. So it can offer different installation methods for you to choose.




The DGL-7900 endless swimming pool has 12 different swimming speeds. Its size is 7900mm×2300mm×1450mm.Its pool area requires 8500mm×2900mm.It can be installed as underground pool , overground pool and semi-ground pool .

Application: The DGL-7900 endless pools can be installed in garden, terrace, stadiums, hotels, showroom, residential area, schools, Kindergarten, gym clubs, swimming clubs and massage clubs.

Pool case: One of our clients, from Vietnam, wanted to build a swimming pool on the roof of his own house for exercise. The roof of his building cannot be digged, otherwise it will affect the stability of the building. At the same time, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, many domestic swimming pool and construction companies cannot go to the pool site to install swimming pools.

Our DGL-7900 endless pool help  solves the following two problems for customer:

1.The DGL-7900 endless pool can be installed as overground pool. Therefore, this building does not need to dig pits and destroy the building.

2.The installation of The DGL-7900 endless pool is very simple, it only needs to install two pipes, they are the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, and two sets of wires are installed.

After the customer used the DGL-7900 pool, he was very satisfied with it. He and his children can choose different swimming speeds to swim.


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