Who are the best swimming pool equipment manufacturers in China?

Who Are The Best Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturers In China?

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  • Date: 2020-02-27

At present in China, swimming pool production and swimming pool construction are generally carried out separately. Because swimming pool equipment manufacturers do not have the ability to install pool engineering, it is only a professional engineering team that has the ability to install. However, Degaulle Pool realizes the importance of combining the two. It has our factory as swimming pool equipment manufacturers to produce swimming pool equipment and a professional engineering team. The engineering team is not only experienced but also uses the actual needs to make adjustments in the factory to continuously optimize product performance. Our products are the result of market selection, and our ability is constantly exercised by the market.



For example, the steel structure swimming pool on the market, the support outside the steel plate of the swimming pool is mainly based on the triangular process, and small pools are generally triangular. But for large swimming pools, the steel plates and support frames of steel-structured swimming pools need to withstand great pressure. Therefore, based on the field construction experience, Degaulle Pool decided to let the factory add a rectangular frame to the external support of the large swimming pool based on the original triangle. This can increase the support force and strengthen the surrounding area of the swimming pool. Besides, this can also add a platform around the pool, without the need to build another platform on the edge of the pool. This is an installation method pioneered by Degaulle Pool. This installation method has been practiced for several years and has been well received.



Degaulle Pool has the professional swimming pool knowledge, professional swimming pool team, and professional swimming pool products. It is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturers in China.


The 5 Best Pool Equipment Recommends of Degaulle Pool (Reviews&Guides)

1.Pipeless Pool Filter

Pipeless Pool Filter can replace the sand pool filter and water pump of the equipment in the machine room. Its installation method is wall-mounted and underground, saving space. It saves space, and it can even include pool disinfection and pool lights.


2.Counter Current Machine

The wall-mounted swimming training machine is a new-generation swimming machine developed by our company, which can be used in a variety of swimming pools to achieve infinite swimming.


3.Pool Heat Pump

The heat pump collects heat from the air by 20 ℃ below the refrigerant and compresses heat into high temperature and high-pressure refrigerant, and then passed through the heat transfer to the need to be heated water or other media, electricity is the transport of porters, so that the heat pump efficiency (COP) reaches 400-500%. Compare with 90% of heat from electricity, 60% of heat from natural gas and fuel, 35% of heat from coal, heat pump are even more energy-efficient than solar energy. So the swimming pool heat pump unit is the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving heater.



4.Endless Pool

Endless Swimming Pool originally means a swimming pool that you can't swim to the end. It is driven by special hydraulic devices to create a directional flow, swimmers swim in the pool by counter-current to achieve the purposes of swimming exercise, which is similar to a water treadmill. Because of the push effect of water flow, swimmers can not swim to the end of the pool, so we called it the endless swimming pool.



5.One-stop Pool Solution

You only need to provide us with your pool size and requirements, and we will create a complete pool solution for you, including all procedures and equipment. Give you professional guidance.



Degaulle Pool is not only one of Chinese swimming pool equipment manufacturers that sells swimming pool equipment, but also a company with professional pool knowledge that can provide you with one-stop pool solutions. If you have any pool needs, please contact us

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