Where can I find swimming pool sand filter suppliers?

Where Can I Find Swimming Pool Sand Filter Suppliers?

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  • Date: 2020-03-19

Swimming pool sand filter suppliers need to have their brand, quality assurance, their own unique product production lines, and a complete engineering system. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the product quality, whether the overall service level is good, whether the factory has first-hand supply, and whether the delivery time is on time.
In China, Degaulle is one of the best swimming pool sand filter suppliers. It has its own factory for 21 years, has its own engineering team, produces a diversified market, and cooperates with multiple departments and teams.
Degaulle as good swimming pool sand filter suppliers can produce different materials, different styles of the sand filter. Such as top-mount sand filter, side-mount sand filter, sand filter with butterfly, depth sand filter, integrated sand filter, stainless steel sand filter and etc.


So what is the difference between a traditional commercial sand filter and an underground pool filter?
Firstly, the commercial sand filter will use the sand quartz to remove tiny dirt in the pool. The quartz sand is used as a medium to remove dirt and is filled inside the commercial sand filter. On the contrary, underground pool filters integrate a complete filtration, circulation, and medicine disinfection system: a circulating water pump, quartz sand filter, six-position multi-directional valve, automatic medicine dispenser, time controller and contactor and other automatic control equipment.

Secondly, the commercial sand filter is more suitable for large pool water treatment, water aquaculture water treatment, chemical environmental protection water treatment, outdoor landscape water treatment, etc. However, the underground pool filter can be installed in a convenient location around the swimming pool and buried under the ground, eliminating the need to build a machine room and reducing construction costs. Easy to install, well-equipped, excellent performance, and in compliance with national swimming pool codes and standards. It is more suitable for private pools, club pools, SPA jacuzzi pools, landscaped pools, and small and medium swimming pool.


Degaulle is not only selling equipment. also in free-standing pool development, production, installation, and after-sale service. After producing, the engineer will test. When installing, the engineer will produce a complete installation drawing and the installation video. When having any question about using, the engineer will come up with a complete set of solutions.
If you need to purchase a swimming pool types of equipment or do water treatment projects, please contact us.


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