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How Does Swimming Pool Water Circulation And Water Filtration Systems Work Better?


The swimming pool water treatment system is a system for treating impurities in the swimming pool water (dirt, bacteria, cosmetics, grease and sweat secreted by the human body, etc.). It consists of a circulation system and a swimming pool filtration system.

The impurities in the pool water are mainly dirt, bacteria, cosmetics, oils and sweat secreted by the human body, as well as debris, dust, leaves and fungi and algae brought into the pool. It is mainly completed by the swimming pool filtration system, but most of these impurities are insoluble in water. Due to their different specific gravity, some of them float to the water surface, some mix in the water, and some settle to the bottom. There are a process and time interval for impurities to float and sink. In addition to the influence of specific gravity, the speed of floating and sinking is also affected by water flow. This is when the pool water circulatory system needs to work.


Pool Water Circulatory System:

If a return water system for swimming pool water circulation filtration is installed on both the water surface and the water bottom and the water surface water return system can draw impurities in the water with a specific gravity of less than 1 kg / l and equal to 1 kg / l into the circulation filtration system, at the same time, the water return system at the bottom can draw Impurities with a specific gravity greater than 1 kg / l in water and equal to 1 kg / l are sucked into the circulating filtration system. In this way, only the impurities on the water surface and the bottom need to be treated at the same time.

If the pool water does not have a return water system for circulating flow on the water surface, then the pool surface is the dead water area; if the pool water does not have circulating flow filtration at the bottom of the pool, then the bottom of the pool is the dead water area. When the treated pond water enters the pond feed water, it is required to distribute the water evenly, without dead zone and short flow.





There are two types of water supply: vertical water supply at the bottom of the tank and horizontal water supply at the bottom of the tank; there are also two types of backwater: the skimmer adds bottom drain and the overflow tank adds bottom drain. By arranging and combining the 2 × 2 water supply and return methods, four swimming pool water circulation methods can be obtained. These swimming pool water circulation methods are all used abroad. They are:

a. The best circulation method: ① The vertical water supply to the bottom of the tank, the bottom of the overflow tank and the return water system.

b. The most commonly used circulation method: ②The horizontal water supply to the pool wall, the skimmer plus bottom discharge water system.

c. Available circulation methods: ③ The vertical water supply at the bottom of the tank, the bottom of the skimmer and the return water system.

④Horizontal water supply to the pool wall, the bottom of the overflow tank and the return water system.

The scientific swimming pool water circulation method is to ensure that all pollutants with different specific gravity flow through the circulation in the circulation filtration system, and then intercept, layer and remove. If there is no circulating flow in the swimming pool, the water surface is the dead water area; if there is no circulating flow in the pool bottom, the bottom is the dead water area.


Swimming Pool Filtration System

The filter uses special filter sand to remove tiny dirt in the pool. As a medium for removing dirt, filter sand is filled in the cavity in the filter. The commonly used filtration system is mainly composed of sand filter, hair collector, pool water pump. When the control knob is set to the "FILTER" position, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pressed into the filter line by the pump, and then guided by the control switch to the filter outlet. The pool water passes through the filter, and tiny dirt is trapped and filtered by the sand bed. The filtered clean water returns to the swimming pool from the bottom of the filter through the control switch and then from the pipeline. This complete set of procedures is continuous and automatic, and provides a complete circulation process for swimming pool filters and piping systems.



Especially after commercial sand filters are used for a period of time, the accumulated dirt obstructs the water flow and weakens it. At this time, the filter must be cleaned. For example, for the filter commercial sand filter of Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment Co., Ltd., when the control switch is turned to the "BACKWASH" ​​position, the water flow becomes reverse flow, and the water flow directly reaches the bottom of the filter cryostat cavity The sand layer recoils, and the previously collected dirt and residue are washed up and discharged from the sewage outlet. After each backwash, the control switch should be turned to the "RINSE" position, the water pump is turned on for 0.5 to 1 minute, and then turned off Go to the "FILTER" position and restart normal filtering.



a.Made with glass fiber winding, resistant to deformation, corrosion and abrasion

b.The multi-port valve is easy to operate

c. Unique water distributor and water collector form a uniform water flow, high efficiency of underdrain drainage system

d. Easy to install, no maintenance required

e. Outlet turbidity is less than 2NTU


Side filter sand pool filter

Top-mounted pool sand filter

Large commercial pool sand filter

Thermoplastic sand pool filter

Factors affecting flow

The final flow of the pool sand filter is related to the following factors:

1. The flow rate of the pressurized water pump (this plays a decisive role);

Second, the filtering area (the larger the filtering area, the smaller the relative resistance, the finer sand can be placed to improve the filtering accuracy);

3. The thickness of the sand layer (the greater the thickness of the sand layer, the higher the filtration degree);

4. The caliber of the pipeline (the larger the caliber, the smaller the relative resistance and the greater the flow).

It can be concluded from the above that the deep filtration sand filter can greatly improve the filtration accuracy without pursuing the flow rate. On the whole, the flow rate and the filtering accuracy show an inverse relationship. Therefore, to be precise, the flow rate cannot be a parameter of the sand filter. The flow parameter of the pool sand filter produced by Degaulle Swimming Pool Companies is actually the maximum value that can be achieved in an ideal state (without sand layer resistance), which is generally greater than the actual flow rate. The swimming pool pump manufacturers recommend that if the user wants to get a larger flow rate, a larger pool sand filter should be used. Only in this way can the waste caused by the mismatch with the flow rate of the water pump be avoided.


Degaulle Swimming Pool Companies is a professional pool builder. Founded in 1998, it has undertaken 100,000+ pool projects to serve manufacturers, pool homeowners, pool contractors, designers, gym swimming pools, etc. As a swimming pool companies deeply rooted in the swimming pool industry, we recommend that you must be equipped with a perfect swimming pool water circulation system and filtration system. This is a swimming pool infrastructure, which can ensure a more perfect swimming experience and avoid many subsequent pool maintenance problems. If you don't really know how to equip, please Contact Us. Professional pool sales and engineers will serve you sincerely.



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