How much does an endless pool cost, converting primary pool to endless one?

Endless pool
The endless swimming pool not only provides all the benefits of swimming in a traditional swimming pool, but it also takes up less space and generally provides a better experience for the swimmer. It creates a counter-current pool as a natural river so you can swim forward without any flip turn. It is endless and the largest swimming pool you have ever seen which is definitely an ideal pool for everyone.

Convert normal pool into an endless pool
For many homeowners, you may already have a normal size pool, but using it for a long time seems a bit boring. Because the pool space is limited, you need to go back and forth when you swim. If there is a machine that allows you to travel forward in any position.
Would you like to? How about trying to refresh it into an active endless pool? It will bring you more fun to swim at home and more ways to exercise. All you need is a Degualle wall-mounted swimming training machine which makes the directional layered flow of the still pool water in a limited space is a swimmer's reverse laminar flow, similar to the principle of a treadmill. So that the counter-current pool is Endless when swimming even in limited space.


Endless pool is not an expensive product
Now the infinity swimming pool companies on the market need to reinstall the pool, the circuit, and the embedded machine in your pool. Its installation seems to be a project. But you already have a complete pool, don't want to destroy the original pool. There are even complicated post-maintenance costs. Actually, you don't need these extra accessories at all. The counter-current swimming training machine is the core component of the endless pool, which upgrade the residential pool into an endless pool and it will become a powerful jet training swimming pool. In general, that is the only machine you need for a counter-current pool. And this Endless Fastlane also can be installed in virtually any new or existing in-ground concrete. The most important thing is that it does not require any additional installation costs and does not require complex maintenance. You only need to perform routine maintenance normally.


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More fun, More entertaining, More exercises
Swimmers can choose 8 different gears according to their swimming level. It has a 680mm wide water outlet, and the internal design of the deflector, so the water flow is stable and powerful. Meeting the needs of swimmers while creates a more comfortable and safe water environment.
Counter-current pool can be used for low-impact fitness exercises and as a swimming training machine and suitable for a variety of strength exercises. It also works as a swimming pool wave machine while the level 1 or 2, provide kids a safe and creative play environment in a smooth current. Level 5 and 6 are suitable for swimming training as swimming in a Jet Training Swimming Pool for adults. Level 7 and 8 are more challenging. 


Easy to install
It is a new pattern wall-mounted swimming training machine which is easy to install with no electrical connections poolside, can be installed firmly over the wall of the pool side with the Screws only. In the actual operation, it just needs 2people, 4 sets of screws and 20 minutes for the installation. The counter-current machine can be moved wherever while you have a new pool or new house. It is your long life partner for swimming.


Safe to use
With new technology, The device of swimming training machine is equipped with a low-voltage DC drive that provides safety for swimmers. The shell is made of acrylic material which is good at outdoor weather resistance.

New Business
For contractor and Swimming pool operator, this really is a good chance to refresh the primary pool into a new exciting pool. It is good at fitness workout which a highlight and new opportunity for the expand your pool business.

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