How to make a Endless Swimming Pool Systems

If you’re a keen swimmer planning to use your pool for fitness or training, the addition of a Endless Swimming Pool Counter Current System to your design will provide a counter current to increase the effort required to swim, improving your overall fitness. You can choose from budget models costing just a few thousands dollars to luxury professional standard machines.

why do you choose an endless pool

A counter current swimming pool machine allows you to swim in place, while providing a steady flow of water to act as resistance. Swimming pool renovation can be carried out to retrofit many systems into to your existing pool, and most systems are adjustable so that individual swimmers can set their own pace. This means that a swimming machine is suitable for swimmers of all abilities, from beginners to potential Olympians, and can also be used for water aerobics and physiotherapy or hydrotherapy.
A good quality counter current pool machine will provide a flow of water wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough that others can still enjoy the rest of the pool. The stream should be turbulence free and not have waves or bubbles, so that you can swim for as long as you like without turning. Get all the benefits of swimming for fitness; improve your cardiovascular health, muscle tone and stamina, even in a relatively small home swimming pool, with a counter current pool unit. You’ll find one suitable for all kinds of pools, and to suit all budgets.

endless pool counter

Here recommend our latest counter current pool machine to make your pool be endless swimming pool .
Product : Wall hung counter current pool unit
Model : HSM680

swimming pool counter machines

The wall hung counter current swimming machine is a new-generation swimming machine developed by our company, which can be used in a variety of swimming pools to achieve endless swimming.

pool counter current unit

Main feature of counter current pool machine :
1. Easy to install. Wall-mounted on the wall of the pool, only 4 sets of screws, 2 workers can be installed in 20 minutes, no need to discharge the pool water.
2. Simple operation. Control panel and phone connection operation. easy and convenient.
3. The water flow is smooth and powerful. The design has 8 optional swim speeds for swimmers to choose from. Swimmers can choose different gears according to their swimming level, 680mm water outlet, and the deflector is designed inside, the water flow is stable and powerful.
4. Use safety. The device is equipped with a low-voltage DC drive that provides safety for swimmers.
5. Beautiful appearance. The equipment is made of acrylic material as the shell, the inner coated glass fiber reinforced, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the material is used for outdoor weather resistance.

Wall hung counter current pool machine specification





Max Flow

Outlet Width







Working voltage: 24V

Power voltage: 220V


Wall hung counter current pool unit speeds


Swimming speeds









Flow M/Min










If you need more powerful counter current pool machine (endless swimming pool unit ) , we have other models DN1700UL / DN1700 for choices . They have 12 different swimming speeds and come with filter / disinfection and other functions . One set i enough for your small endless swimming pool .


If you do not plan to make a pool by yourself , could buy our endless swimming pool with spa functions DGL5823 which is ready to use when connect with power and water supply .

denor endless swimming pool systems

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