What type of swim pool should you choose?

What type of endless swim pool should you choose? What is the basin? It is a structure that has to bear the weight of the water it contains and the pressure of the earth surrounding it. Is also waterproof. Several types of basin structures can overcome these constraints.
Depending on your budget and pool site, there are various possibilities, from the ready-to-swim pools - steel pools, ready-to-install pool kits, including the panel basin and the wooden semi in-ground pool - to the concrete basin.
Pool professionals generally specialize in one or two of these technologies: you should, therefore, choose a pool installer whose specialist field corresponds to the type of basin you have chosen for your future home project.

The concrete pool

the concrete pool


Principle: reinforced concrete is used both for the structure and to ensure that the basin is waterproof. And choose whole full set pool water treatment system from swimming pool equipment manufacturers or swimming pool companies, such as pool filter, water pump, heat pump, cleaner machine, pool lights, and other pool accessories to make your swimming pool work well.
Advantage: this method of construction gives you complete freedom to choose your pool's shape, size, and depth.
It also gives a great versatility of finishes: paint, resin, tiling, etc.

The Galvanized steel swimming pool with liner

galvanized steel swimming pool


The walls of this type of pool are made of galvanized steel panels, which makes it easier to build and reduces the cost accordingly. A liner is used to ensure that it is waterproof. The floor of the steel swimming pool is generally made of reinforced concrete.
How does it work? The panels are assembled to give the walls the size you have chosen. The panel stands are assembled along the panel walls to strengthen them as the walking system around the steel swimming pool sides. This type of technology is used for steel swimming pools sold as ready-to-install kits.
Advantage: this technique offers the same choice of simple shapes as a concrete basin with liner, at a lower price and save time. The steel swimming pool is another choice when your pool site is not suitable for making a concrete pool.
Disadvantage: the variety of shapes is limited.

The Endless swimming pool with acrylic shell basin (or counter-current pool, also known as endless swim spa pool )

degaulle endless swimming pool


The endless swimming pool is entirely factory-made from acrylic. The shell provides the structure and is waterproof. Simply dig a hole and place the basin in position, put it on the ground as a above ground swimming pool : these are the fastest construction methods.

Advantage: the process of endless swimming pool is particularly economical and no limited space when you swimming in this endless swimming pool. And it built in pool filter , pump , ozone and UV disinfection , air source heat pump , SPA and massage , swimming pool counter current wave machine and others in one , make it is a ready to use swim pool when you connect with water and electric power . So the endless swimming pool is an ideal for villa/ hotel/backyard/roof/home pools and training pool .
Disadvantage: the variety of shapes is limited.


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