Why do you choose an endless pool swim spa

For now, more and more persons want to have their own pool, hot tub in their house, backyard for themselves and family to enjoy swimming, spa, fitness at the home . But installing one is far from a DIY project and in most cities, you won’t be allowed to build a pool by yourself, as construction must be supervised by a licensed builder in order to be considered up to code. However, we recommend our endless swim spa which could install by yourself and no need a licensed builder. And it is easy to install, operate, and maintenance, save time and cost.

endless pool swim spa

First: Les us know what is an endless pool

Degaulle wholesale above Endless Swimming Pool originally means a swimming pool that you can’t swim to the end. It is driven by special hydraulic devices to create a directional flow, swimmers swim in the pool by counter-current to achieve the purposes of swimming exercise, which is similar to a water treadmill. Because of the push effect of water flow, swimmers cannot swim to the end of the pool, so we called it the endless swimming pool.

Degaulle wholesale above ground endless pool is not the so-called infinity pool, is a pool which swimmer could enjoy swimming without a limited space. The endless swimming pool uses a special hydraulic propulsion device to form a directional water flow, then the swimmer swims in the pool through the counter-current, similar to the treadmill to achieve swimming and training purposes. 

what is endless pool

Second : Why do you choose an endless pool

1.Users can control the swimming speed
The Endless Pool built in counter current machine that users can adjust to control the water current and 12 different water speeds for choices . Adjusting the speed of the current challenges the athlete by providing resistance. Resistance training improves speed and power in the water. When resistance training is done in the pool it burns more calories, yet it is easier on the body and joints.

why do you choose an endless pool

2.Eliminates turns and stopping
The pool is compact, but the current makes it an endless training space. It is a training space that does not have walls, lanes or contact with other swimmers. The Endless Pool’s counter current is the secret of its success. Swimming against the current eliminates the need for pushing off so swimmers can focus on form and performance. 

endless pools counter current


3.Provides a low-impact workout for all ages and abilities
Not only is the Endless Pool ideal for athletes, but it is a great option for people who are improving their fitness. The Endless Pool can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of training and fitness needs and abilities.

endless pool


4.Provides users with therapeutic benefits
 Not only does the pool improve performance and body mechanics, but it has a therapeutic benefit as well. Endless Pools can be heated to promote relaxation and improve muscle recovery.

endless pool performance

5.Easy to operate

Our endless pool come with pool water filtration , UV and Ozone disinfection , constant temperature , massage system ,water circulation pump ,all of them could be operated with operation panel . 

pool water filtration


6.Enjoy SPA , Hot tub

pool spa

endless pool spa with massage

Endless pool also is a endless swim spa , which with massage function . It mean that you and your family could enjoy spa and relax themself when they are tried or swim for a long time .

7.Three installation methods for choice
  -Above ground endless swimming pool

above ground endless swimming pool

-Half -inground endless swimming pool

half inground endless swimming pool

  -Inground endless swimming pool

inground endless swimming pool

Summary on the Endless Pool

Overall, the Endless Pool provides a plethora of tools for swimmers. The main drawback with the Endless Pool is the slight difference between pool swimming and motorized pool swimming. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a motorized pool, the Endless Pool is an elite option!

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