Can swim in a bathtub

When referring to the bathtub, you may think of this bathtub.

degaulle spa pool

Or this bathtub.

spa pool

But did you ever think about this bathtub?
This bathtub is called Endless Swimming Pool.

endless pool

Why does it not called a bathtub but an endless swimming pool?
Because this bathtub is not just a spa bath, you can also swim inside.
Endless swimming pool body size is 5.82 * 2.3 * 1.55m. It’s larger than the average bathtub, smaller than the average swimming pool.
There are 2 seats on the left and 3 spa massage seats on the right and you can swim in the middle.


There are Spa massage nozzle and wave maker machine in the side. The counter current machine which with 12 stalls to promote the water flow backward, people do not need to turn around and do not hit the head when swimming in the endless swimming pool. You can relieve fatigue one the spa jet.
The biggest difference between an Endless swimming pool and a bathtub is that the endless swimming pool combines a bath and a pool in one. You can either bathe and swim in this endless swimming pool at the same time.


The installation of endless swimming pool is as easy as bathing’s which with 3 installation method: Above Ground, Partially In-ground, and In-ground as below picture:

endlee pool 4

The biggest feature of this endless pool:
Compared to the bathtub, endless swimming pool increases the function of swimming; compared to the swimming pool, endless swimming pool can swim unlimited space in the range of limited swimming pool size, save space and money.
It is because the combination of bathtub and swimming pool makes the endless swimming pool perfect. Satisfy both sides.

endless swimming pool mnufacturers

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