What Swimming Pool Equipment Do You Need For One Pool?

The complete whole set swimming pool equipment is not only the water treatment equipment in the swimming pool but also its supporting facilities. Such as sterilization, cleaning equipment, lighting equipment, thermostatic equipment, etc.

1. Swimming pool water circulating and treatment system: The swimming pool water filtration equipment is one of the most basic configurations of a swimming pool, which can be divided into a traditional solution: pool sand filter +water pump with pump room and another integrative solution: integrated pipeless swimming pool filter equipment.
Traditional Sand filter +water pump equipment suitable for the relatively large pool, such as the standard pool, water park, it takes a lot of pipelines, the need to build the pump room, the construction process will be very long and time-consuming.
No pump room pipeless swimming pool equipment more suitable for small and medium-sized swimming pool, clubhouse such as swimming pools, hotel pools, private swimming pools and other villas. It requires no machine room, pipe, easy to install, easy to operate, filtration precision of up to 5-15μm, low management fees, is now the first choice of many pools of water circulating treatment.

pool filter

2, Swimming pool disinfection system:One of the basic configuration is also a swimming pool, pool disinfection equipment, swimming pool water treatment a very important part, directly affect the water quality of the pool of non-compliance. Swimming pool disinfection apparatus may be divided into automatic pool water quality controller, dosing pump , ozone generator, salt chlorinate machine, copper and silver ions sterilizer.

disinfection system

3.Constant temperature swimming pool system : The heated pool equipment is to ensure the temperature of the water in the pool. More and more pools are now choosing to keep the pool warm, as this will allow you to swim in the pool all year round. The constant temperature swimming pool equipment can be divided into boiler heating, plate heat ex-changer heating, air source heat pump heating.

pool heat pump

4.Swimming pool cleaning system : Pool cleaning equipment is also one of the basic configurations of the swimming pool. In addition to the basic circulating water treatment equipment and disinfection equipment, a swimming pool requires regular maintenance and cleaning of the swimming pool. The pool cleaning equipment can be divided into three types: seven-piece cleaning tools, shore-based manual swimming pool suction machines, and fully automatic swimming pool cleaning equipment.

pool cleaner

5, Swimming pool lighting system: LED underwater swimming pool lights , including pool wall lights, waterproof cables , waterproof transformer

6, Water quality testing equipment: water quality monitor, water test box, water temperature meter.

swimming pool

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