Heating Endless Swimming Pool Project for Private Club in Tangshan Hebei


Project Details

Heating Endless Swimming Pool Project for Private Club in Tangshan Hebei

The Pool size : 19*3.8*(1.2-1.6)m=101m³
Cycle time: 5h
Circulation flow rate: 20.2m³/h

This heating endless swimming pool is a concrete swimming pool with pool counter current system. The wave machine for home pool to make it become a endless pool. The Degaulle Counter Current Machine is a multifunctional swimming training unit that integrates pool water circulation, filtration, disinfection, and counter current swimming training. It only takes 2-3 days to install, without complicated manual operations and professional management; filtration and disinfection adopts high High-quality ozone sterilization and ultraviolet double sterilization methods ensure that the swimming pool is clean and the water quality meets safety standards. The counter-current training system has 12 swimming strengths, and the adjustable speed range is: 2-210 meters per minute. The swimming intensity is 5 times that of a standard swimming pool; Renovate and upgrade the old pool in the private villa.

Using a pool heat pump to heat the swimming pool is the most eco-friendly and energy-saving method of swimming pool heating. The annual average energy efficiency of Degaulle air source heat pump is as high as 5.0. 1KW of air source heat pump can generate 4-5KW heat energy, which can save 60-80% of operating costs. Degaulle air source heat pump occupies small space, simple installation and operation, and zero maintenance. Less pool heater cost and efficient heating effect.

Degaulle swimming pool equipment has focused on overall swimming pool system solutions for 22 years, creating a well-known brand for overall swimming pools, providing you with one-stop pool design, filtration, disinfection, and sewage system solutions, serving more than 150,000 swimming pool projects worldwide!



Swimming pool filtration system: Fiberglass Pool Sand Filter

Pool heating system: Pool Heat Pump

Pool Counter Current System: Wave Machine for Home Pool

Disinfection method: UV + Medical Disinfection (the UV Disinfection is located inside the Counter current machine)


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