Huizhou Private Club Heated Rooftop Endless Swimming Pool Project


Solution: Huizhou Private Club Heated Rooftop Endless Swimming Pool Project


This is a rooftop swimming pool of a private club for leisure and entertainment. The exquisite environment is good, attracting more customers to enjoy and relax here. The heated swimming pool is a warm-hearted swimming pool that makes it suitable for people to swim. Although it is relatively small, it is equipped with Degaulle portable swim current machine. So the swimming pool fully meets the needs of swimmers for a large swimming pool because it can swim endlessly.

Pool area: 5.0*9.0=45㎡
Water depth: (1.5) m
Effective volume: 67.5m3
Circulation time: within 3.0h
Circulation method: Downstream
Circulation flow: 25.0m³ /h
Temperature ℃: 30±1

The circulating filtration and disinfection system of this project uses 1 Degaulle Counter Current Swimming Machine and 2 Degaulle glass fiber filter sand tanks, and the swimming pool heating system uses 3 Degaulle air source swimming pool heater pumps.

The Counter Current Swimming Machine is a multifunctional swimming training unit that integrates pool water circulation, filtration, disinfection, and counter current swimming training. It only takes 2-3 days to install and complete. The filtration system uses advanced cartridge filtration, easy to maintain. The counter current training system has 12 swimming strengths, which are used in the renovation and upgrading of the old pool of the private villa small swimming pool. The most affordable Endless Swimming Pool Price for small home lap pool become endlessly.

The annual average energy efficiency of Degaulle air source swimming pool heater pump is as high as 5.0. 1KW of air source swimming pool heater pump can generate 4-5KW heat energy, which can save 60-80% of operating costs. Degaulle air source heat pump takes up a small space and is very convenient to install.



Degaulle Pool Counter Current Swimming Machine

Pool Heater Pump

Pool Sand Filter

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