Swimming Pool Chemicals

Swimming Pool Chemicals is the most traditional and common method of disinfection which usually for commerical pool, gym pool, hotel pool, or family pool ect.

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Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine Tablets

50KG/ Barrel, which content≥50% and it includes 50 bags (1KG/bag).

Swimming Pool Algaecide

Swimming Pool Algaecide

5KG/Bag, which soluble in water, can be insecticidal algae, anti-microbial growth so that the water can turn to blue color.

PH Chemical

PH Chemical

1KG/Barrel, which for lower/Increase the PH rapidly, suitable for Swimming Pool, Sauna Pool, SPA Pool.

Ferment Clarifying Agent

Ferment Clarifying Agent

1KG/Barrel, it can solve the problem of water turbidity quickly which no affect the pH of the pool and no need to precipitation or adsorb.


The main component of the swimming pool high-efficiency instant disinfectant is a high-efficiency disinfectant. It has high content, environmental protection, high efficiency, and continuous sterilization. It is the most advanced new type of high-efficiency swimming pool and sauna water treatment special disinfectant, especially suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hotels, and family swimming pools. use. It can quickly kill hepatitis B virus, intestinal pathogens, and pyogenic cocci. Pathogenic yeasts can also inactivate viruses, effectively preventing excessive bacteria in swimming pool water and green water.

The medicine effect is stable and lasts for a long time. The bactericidal ability is 40-60 times that of hypochlorous acid, with a small dosage, accurate measurement, convenient use, no residual poisons and side effects, and it is absolutely safe for humans. It can be suitable for all kinds of precipitation water purifiers, effectively reduce the frequency of water exchange in swimming pools, and greatly reduce the cost of water charges.

Chlorine tablets are generally used in conjunction with enzyme clarifiers, environmentally friendly algae removal agents, PH raising agents, PH lowering agents and other agents. Swimming Pool Chemicals is the most traditional and common method of disinfection which usually for commercial pool, gym pool, hotel pool, or family pool ect.


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