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Medium Pressure UV System

Product Description
Medium Pressure UV System is designed and optimized for advanced photo-oxidation process and conventional disinfection. It is also ideal for reducing various chemicals in chloramines in swimming

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Medium Pressure UV System

Medium Pressure UV System is designed and optimized for advanced photo-oxidation process and conventional disinfection. It is also ideal for reducing various chemicals in chloramines in swimming pools. Water is healthier and swimming is more at ease.


Working Principle

By irradiating bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet rays, the ultraviolet spectrum energy is absorbed by bacterial nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), causing their nucleic acid structure to be destroyed and losing the ability to reproduce and reproduce, so as to achieve the sterilization effect. It is a 100% residue-free disinfection the way.

In addition to the sterilization effect, medium-pressure ultraviolet light also has the function of decomposing organic matter, chloramine, urea, and trihalomethane. The provisions of "Technical Regulations for Swimming Pool Water Supply and Drainage Engineering CJJ 122-2017" require the use of medium-pressure ultraviolet light, medium-pressure ultraviolet light Ultraviolet rays have been used in swimming pool disinfection for more than ten years, especially the 2012 London Olympics swimming pool disinfection all used medium-pressure ultraviolet light for disinfection. More and more swimming pools use medium-pressure ultraviolet light for disinfection.



1. High sterilization spectrum: medium-pressure ultraviolet light can achieve continuous ultraviolet output of 100-400nm multi-spectrum, unlike low-pressure ultraviolet light, it can only output 253.7nm ultraviolet light, and can achieve a sterilization rate of more than 99.9%;
2. Strong sterilization: high sterilization efficiency, fast speed, sterilization time is generally completed within a few seconds.
3. The short-wavelength of 1 85nm output by medium-pressure ultraviolet rays can effectively degrade the total amount of organic matter (TOC) in the water. TOC is the culprit of the long algae in the swimming pool, which effectively avoids this phenomenon. In addition, the other benefits of TOC degradation are Increase the water penetration rate from 75% to more than 97%, which makes the ultraviolet sterilization effect also improved by at least three-thirds. ).
4. The 245nm, 297nm, and 340nm ultraviolet light output by medium-pressure ultraviolet light can degrade the chlorine disinfection by-products-chloramine, dichloramine, and trichloramine, respectively, which eliminates the occurrence of the carcinogen trihalomethanes (THMs) and reduces The pungent smell in the swimming pool improves the swimming environment.
5. Medium-pressure ultraviolet radiation has a small footprint, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance and low cost.
6. The service life of medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp is 5000-6000h, which is lower than the service life of low-pressure ultraviolet lamp 10000-13000h.


Among them
1~3 points are aimed at infants and children and private swimming pools, which can meet the sterilization and disinfection effect without adding disinfection tablets;
4~5 points are aimed at the competition-level swimming pool, which needs to be administered to maintain the long-term disinfection effect. Medium-pressure ultraviolet light is the best match, which not only ensures the disinfection effect, but also avoids the harm caused by toxic by-products in rabbits.




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