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UV Disinfection Water Treatment 1
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UV Disinfection Water Treatment 3
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UV Disinfection Water Treatment 1
UV Disinfection Water Treatment 2
UV Disinfection Water Treatment 3
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UV Disinfection Water Treatment


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    Principle of UV Disinfection

    UV sterilization principle is use the ultraviolet light to destroy a variety of viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic DNA in the water, ultraviolet radiation can through the cell membrane and nucleus of microbial, destruction of nucleic acid molecular bonds, to lose the ability to copy or activity then will death, UV sterilization band is between 200-300mm, the highest capacity is 253.7nm band.


    Advantage of UV disinfection

    High efficiency sterilization

    No Secondary pollution

    Disinfection lots of water

    Easy & save cost of maintain

    Safe & rellable operation

    Wide application



    UV Disinfection Equipment Selection Table


    Technical Parameters


    Equipment Height Parameters



    Ultraviolet light is an efficient sterilization method. By irradiating bacteria and viruses, the ultraviolet spectrum energy is absorbed by bacterial nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), which destroys the nucleic acid structure and loses the ability to reproduce and reproduce, thereby achieving sterilization effect. A 100% residue-free disinfection method.

    Swimming pool UV sterilizer, UV sterilizer does not produce any secondary pollutants, belongs to the previous generation of disinfection technology, it has the advantages of high efficiency, broad spectrum, low cost, long life, large water volume, no pollution and other disinfection methods. , has gradually become a mainstream disinfection method in western developed countries.


    1. Widespread sterilization, which works on almost all microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and algae.

    2. Fast sterilization, high sterilization rate, general microorganisms and bacteria can be killed in a few seconds.

    3. Environmental protection and safety, no secondary pollution, pure physical sterilization, without any other side effects.

    4. Low operation and maintenance costs

    5. Continuous high-flow disinfection

    6. Compact structure and small footprint

    7. Fast and simple installation, easy maintenance.


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