Taiwan Private Steel Structure Swimming Pool


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Solution: Taiwan Private Steel Structure Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is made of steel structure steel panels, not traditional concrete swimmig pool. Compared with traditional concrete swimmig pool, it only takes 20 days to finish.
It is equipped with 5 pieces of sand filter and 4 pieces of air source heat pump and 1 set of drug disinfection system.
The constant temperature system of the steel structure swimming pool project is Degaulle air source swimming pool heat pump. Degaulle swimming pool heat pump adopts PVC + titanium tube condenser with excellent corrosion resistance, which ensures that the main parts in contact with pool water can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ions in the water and it is durable. The shell of the air source swimming pool heat pump is made of high-quality stainless steel plate by electrostatic spraying process. The product quality is excellent, and the anti-corrosion performance is good. Its service life can even reach more than ten years, which is far higher than the service life of other types of water heaters.
The swimming pool was built to improve swimming skills and open swimming party.


Sand Filter S-1200

Degaulle Air Source Swim Pool Heat Pump DGL-100C

Drug Disinfection System

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