New Zealand Indoor Training Pool Project


Solution: New Zealand Indoor Training Pool Project


It is a perfect demonstration of the best way to establish above ground swimming pool from Degaulle Pool.

This training pool is built in a large warehouse.It fills most of the space in the warehouse, although space is limited, it is still fully utilized, and finally there are two area swimming pools. The machine room is built in a container outside.


Pool Size: 16.8*4.8*0.9m+12.3*8*0.9m(Steel Plane Height:1m)
Pool Type:Indoor Training Pool
Pool water volume: 162m3
Water Flow: 81m3/h
Cycle Method: Downstream


As a professional above ground pool manufacturers, Degaulle Pool provide our customers the one-stop swimming pool solution. You just need to tell us your pool size, floor plan, pool usage and budget, and we will provide you with the perfect solution according to the actual situation.

1.Save design costs—Degaulle offers you professional pool design solutions

2.Save labor costs—The swimming pool is built by Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool. Compared with traditional concrete swimming pools, it has the characteristics of fast construction time, convenient installation and labor cost savings.

3.Save space—then install the room in an external container. A swimming pool heat pump is placed above the container to provide sufficient equipment space.

4.Save on management costs—This greatly saves space and simplifies the management of pool equipment.


As a training pool has professional equipment and management. It uses a higher level of water circulation. The entire pool has 162m³ of water.The filtration time is only 2 hours, which is three times that of ordinary swimming pools, thereby better ensuring the water quality of the swimming pools.



—For Swimming Pool Steel Structure &Pool Liner System

Degaulle Steel Structure Swimming Pool
Pool Liner
Pool Grating


—For Swimming Pool Filtration System

3 x Pool Sand Filter
3 x Water Pump
3 x Hair collector


—For Swimming Pool Cleaning System

Manual Cleaner Machine
Automatic Pool Cleaner


—For Swimming Pool Heating System

3 x DGL-100C Air Source Heat Pump(The Air Source Heat pump can save 4-5 times electric than heater)
3 x Water Pump
19x12.8m Pool cover with Roll Car


—Other Pool Accessories

1 x Machine Room Submersible Sewage Pump (Store it in machine room to drain away the sewage of machine room)
Pool Drain
Pool Ladder
Pool Light

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