Vinyl PVC Liner

PVC Liner Introduction
In the process of building the pool, pool liner can meet all your need for swimming pool, to create the most beautiful swimming pool for you. And Pool liner is the only standard product that meets the French membrane for the pool liner. It with unique PVC manufacturing technology, special protective coating and specially designed reinforcement layer. And the pool liner can Anti-UV, and prevent aging, deformation. Pool liner can resist the erosion of microorganisms in water or soil effectively. Sure, it can combine with any shape and any color as you want. No matter which situation of your pool, indoor or outdoor pool, public or private pool, new or refurbished pool, pool liner can meet all your need.

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Product Details

More Details of PVC Liner

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Advantages Of PVC Liner:
1. Meets the French membrane for the pool liner
2. Can Anti-UV, and prevent aging, deformation
3. Near the water layer without dead ends,material of decorative is Anti-microbes
4. With any color can meet any shape and any type of your swimming pool
5. 1.2mm and 1.5mm thickness can be choose
6. Easy install,just need 1-2 days that can finished whole pool liner installation
7. Easy maintenance and clean

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