Why You Should Choose Pool Heat Pump ?

Now many pool owners are considering whether they should add a pool heat pump in the pool ? After 2019, most of people have shifted outdoor sports to indoor sports. The swimming is the best indoor sport, but how can you swim in all seasons? At this point, the heat pump pool heater is included in the owner's choice. Much is being said and written about pool heating. All kinds of new technologies are touted as being able to change the market. Yet the conclusion invariably remains the same: a heat pump is still the best and most economical pool heating solution.


What Is Heat Pump Pool Heater ?

Pool Heat pump collect heat from air by 20℃ below the refrigerant and compress heat into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant , and then passed through the heat transfer to the need to be heated water or other media electricity is the transport of porters. In short pool heat pump use a small amount of electricity to compress the refrigerant and spin the fan. The heat generated is essentially free, absorbed from the outside air and transferred to your pool water.



Why Choose Heat Pump Pool Heater And Pool Heat Pump Cost ?

Pool heat pumps use small amounts of electricity to compress a refrigerant and rotate a fan. The heat created is essentially free, absorbed from the outside air and transferred into your pool water. A quick comparison with the other options immediately shows why a heat pump is the best heating device for your pool. Gas pool heater is traditional pool heat pump.Gas pool heaters are powered by burning fossil fuels, either propane or natural gas. The heater itself has a combustion chamber, where the fuel burns. The heat it generates is what warms the pool water. It can heat your pool quickly and can be used all year round.

But the gas pool heating system has disadvantages. The fuel it requires will not only increase your utility bills and pool heat pump cost , but it will only be efficient when used for a short period of time. Since the heater burns fuel, it also produces emissions, so it is not environmentally friendly.Now many swimming pools are no longer used the gas pool heat pump as above ground pool heat pump. An electric pool heating system is quite simply far too expensive to use.  It uses so much electricity that it can only be considered for whirlpools up to 1500L. An electric system is absolutely unsuitable for a standard pool of approx. 50,000L.


Solar systems are also quite popular pool heaters, but then you have to rely solely on the sun.  As a result, the use of such a system alone is not possible in Belgium or the Netherlands. However, this system can be used efficiently in combination with a heat pump. For heat pump pool heater,compared with gas pool heater, electric pool heating system and Solar systems, pool heat pump cost is the most economical. The pool heat pump mainly heats the pool water by absorbing heat from the air, using very little electricity, especially in countries where the winter temperature is higher than 2 ℃, save pool heat pump cost.