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How To Choose Swimming Pool Equipment Supplier ?


Summer has arrived, and now it is time to enjoy your pool. Whether you have a satisfactory pool or not, pool equipment plays a key role.When you start to choose swimming pool equipment supplier and wholesale pool equipment,swimming pool equipment can be confusing, and deciding on which make and model can be especially difficult, when you have to choose between dozens of types. One of our customers from Vietnam is very satisfied with his wholesale swimming pool because he chose us as swimming pool equipment supplier, his pool has saved him a lot of money in terms of swimming performance, pool operation, and pool maintenance. Through this article will share this customer's experience in choosing swimming pool equipment.


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This client from Vietnam needs to build a swimming pool in his garden. The size of the swimming pool is 8m by 5m and the depth of the swimming pool is 1.5m. His garden space is very limited and cannot provide the location of the machine room, so we offered complete house pool solution according to pool site. The house pool solution includes pipeless pool filter, heat pump, counter current machine , automatic pool cleaner and etc.Pools are more than a place to swim. They are a place to gather and have fun.vGetting the most from your pool is not hard, especially when you can find some new ideas for pool enjoyment.


The client is a professional swimmer who swims mainly for training and his family for exercise. In order to meet the swimming purpose of the customer and his family, we recommend the customer to install a counter current machine.The counter current machine is designed for house pools .The counter current machine is new technology of wholesale pool equipment, which can fully solve limited swimming space .The counter current swimming pool– also known as ‘counter current units’ – are widely recommended as a way to boost the health benefits of a pool. By mimicking the currents in natural water, swimmers achieve a more substantial workout. This is ideal for improving cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, and core strength. When the pool is installed swimming machine for training, it will become swimming pool with current and will expand swimming area .


Meanwhile, the counter current machine has 36 gears, which can satisfy swimmers with different needs.It can adjust the speed through sports watch and smart controller. If you are a professional swimmer, you swim to adjust your swimming state and improve your swimming speed, you can choose a professional swimming state (grade 30~36); if you are a swimmer, you swim to exercise your body, you can choose the normal swimming state (grade 25~29); if you are a convalescent, swimming is to restore physical strength and improve immunity, you can choose the swimming state of recovery (grade 21~24); if you are a swimming beginner, you are not familiar with swimming and it takes a while to learn, you can choose the beginner mode (1st gear ~ 20th gear), you can find that you have mastered swimming skills gradually, and you are gradually enjoying swim.


When choosing the best price pool equipment, the second problem that the customer considers is the limited space in the garden, and there is not enough space to build the machine room.The traditional wholesale pool equipment  includes pumps, filters, heaters and cleaners, and also chemical feeders and salt chlorine generators. At the heart of your pool equipment is your pool pump and pool filter, crucial pool hardware to circulate and clean your pool water.The customer's garden space is limited, for the swimming pool filtration system, we recommend the customer pipeless pool filter S350. The pipeless pool filter S350 is the best price pool equipment. It has the functions of pool filtration, disinfection, lighting, and it is directly installed on the pool wall without building a machine room.


Summer has arrived, and now it is time to enjoy your pool. Or perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy their pool year-round. Either way, getting the most enjoyment from your pool has just gotten easier. When the client chooses the best price pool equipment, the third question he considers is how to make swimming a year-round sport.We recommend pool heat pump to the customer. The pool heat pump has both heating and cooling functions. When summer comes, you can activate the cooling function of the heat pump, and the temperature of the pool water can be cooled to a minimum of 9 degrees Celsius. In the hot summer, you can enjoy swimming in the cool pool water. When winter comes, you can start the heating function of the heat pump, and the maximum heating temperature can reach 42 degrees Celsius. Even in the cold winter, the pool water can be kept at 28 degrees Celsius.


When customers choose wholesale pool equipment, the fourth question to consider is how to simply operate these best price pool equipment.As a swimming pool equipment supplier, we realize that how to operate swimming pool equipment simply is what customers are more concerned about.Therefore, the swimming pool equipment we provide to customers are equipped with intelligent control systems, and customers only need to click the intelligent control system, and these machines will run automatically.

As swimming pool equipment supplier,Since 2004, our company has provided professional swimming pool equipment for many swimming pools around the world. If you need to inquire about swimming pool equipment, please contact us, we will offer professional best price pool equipment solution .

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