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3 Best Steel Above Ground Pools for Summer 2022


If you’re tired of sitting in front of a fan or window AC to cool down on hot summer days, a steel above ground pools would be a worthwhile addition to you. Many of these pools are surprisingly affordable, and they give you a place to hang out during the warmer months.


Above Ground Pools Type

There are many kind of above ground pools for you to choose: Concrete Swim Pool, Galvanized Steel Pool, Acrylic Ready Endless Swim Pool. No matter which kind of above ground pools you choose should according to your site, requires and budget.


Concrete swim Pool: That pool type is common, which you ask the local concrete staff to build the pool then purchase the whole set swim pool equipment from Degaulle. Degaulle can offer you filtration system, disinfection system, cleaning system, heating system, lighting system, training system and pool accessories ect. Also Degaulle will offer you the installation drawing after 50% deposit which will be more helpful for you to build the pool.


Acrylic ready endless swim pool:That pool type is more popular since 2019, that Degaulle endless swim pool is ready pool which you just need to connect the water pipe and electric cable that can use. And the important is that you can swim without limit in the 4.8m, 5.8m, 7.9m long pool cause it is with the counter current machine. And the Degaulle endless swim pool usually use for family backyard, indoor club ect site cause it is with the limit space.


Galvanized steel pool:That pool type is more suitable for indoor training pool,outdoor above ground pool ect, cause the steel swimming pool is suitable for any applicable environment. And Degaulle can offer you whole set galvanized steel pool solution according to you require.

Then today we will learn more about the steel above ground pools.


Applicable Environment For the Degaulle Galvanized Steel Pool

For the Degaulle galvanized steel pool can make with any site no matter is roof, basement, underground, above aground that can also with our steel swimming pool. Usually it is with steel above ground pools cause it is more easy to build and install. And the important of the steel above ground pools is that can save more cost of building swim pool.


Pool Size & Shape Of Degaulle Galvanized Steel Pool

For the Degaulle galvanized steel pool can be make any size as you want. But the max pool depth is 1.8m. And the shape of steel swimming pool should be with regular shape, such as rectangle shape, square shape, L shape, T shape ect. But it can not with the arc shape such as round shape, sector shape ect.


Site Requirement For the Degaulle Galvanized Steel Pool

For the Degaulle galvanized steel swim pool, you need to make the floor of the steel swimming pool with at least 10cm concrete base which to avoid the subsidence of the steel swimming pool after using for a long time. The 10cm concrete base for the floor,it also should make sure that the floor is with flat and smooth. That is important, otherwise it is hard to connect the steel panel with steel panel.


Installation For the Degaulle galvanized steel pool

For the installation of the Degaulle galvanized steel pool is quite easy which 2 people can install it steel panel,steel support and gutter within 2 days. The important part for the steel above ground pools installation is the liner installation. So for the liner installation must install by the professional liner staffs. So for the whole set installation of the steel above ground pools will need around 4 weeks can finish, which can save more cost and labor for the owner.


Why Choose Degaulle Galvanized Steel Pool ?

Degaulle is a modern high-tech enterprise established in 1998, which specialized in manufacturing endless swimming pools, swimming pool filters, pool heat pump, steel swimming pool, wave training machine and other swimming pool accessories for more than 24 years. It is not just the quality choices Degaulle Pools uses that make it such a stand-alone product; Degaulle on-call manufacturing truly sets them apart. "We do not stock pools." Says CEO Long Cao for Degaulle Pools. "Every pool is made-to-order so that we can offer so many different options and sizes."In other words, your pool doesn't exist until you order it. But do not be concerned with lead time, as the average production time for a steel swimming pool is about two weeks. Also Degaulle will be 24 hours online that can offer you solution on time.


If you wanna to know more about galvanized steel pool or wannt to get the offer of the steel swimming pool,please contact Degaulle pools. And we will 24 hours online for you.


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