Four Aquatic Therapy Benefits from Endless Pool Swimming Machine

Aquatic therapy has become increasingly popular as awareness to the benefits of hydrotherapy versus traditional, land-based therapy come to light. You can through products such as the ENDLESS POOLS COMPANY,  AQUA POOL COMPANY, EMAUX POOL COMPANY, DEGAULLE SWIM POOL COMPANY ect companies to know the swim pool equipment, which you can achieve unique results by harnessing the soothing, healing properties of water with your family, your friends. While land-based exercise is the more conventional choice, those who step inside a pool enjoy a variety of clear advantages that can decrease injury risk as well as offer alternative workouts.

That is important to note that pools are not just for swimming. While many gain outstanding results from the ability to swim in their endless pool swimming machine model, aquatic therapy can meet the needs of swimmers and non-swimmers alike. There are five distinct benefits to water exercise that you can achieve with the assistance of an endless pool swimming machine installation.




As you know the body weight can be reduced up to 90% which depends on water depth, greatly reducing joint stress and pain you may experience outside the water. Even if gravity can make land exercise daunting or even impossible for some, the buoyancy—or upward force—of water of our endless pool swimming machine will support you and provide an ideal, low-impact workout setting.



Our endless pool swimming machine is with counter current pump which water will naturally put up a fight and resist movement, providing you with a strenuous workout. With 36 stalls to adjust the swimming speed, endless pool swimming machine can adjust the speed through sports watch and smart controller. If you are a professional swimmer, you can adjust your swimming state and improve your swimming speed, that choose a professional swimming state (grade 30~36); if you are a swimmer, you swim to exercise your body, you can choose the normal swimming state (grade 25~29); if you are a convalescent, swimming is to restore physical strength and improve immunity, you can choose the swimming state of recovery (grade 21~24); if you are a swimming beginner, you are not familiar with swimming and it takes a while to learn, you can choose the beginner mode (1st gear ~ 20th gear), that you have mastered swimming skills gradually, and you are gradually enjoying swim.




Break free from the limitations of land exercise. Inside a home endless pool you can swim, run, jog, walk, stretch, work on balance, practice aerobics, and more. The freedom of a low-impact, low-stress, safe environment of our home endless pool will allow you to rehabilitate, train, exercise and regenerate your body.



The warmth of water can enhance your therapy, relaxing your muscles and increasing blood flow to your muscles and joints, providing you the opportunity to improve your flexibility. Then the home endless pool can heat to 42 degree that you can swim without any limit in season. Cause the home endless pool is with our air source swim pool heat pump which is special for swimming pool, and it is more energy-saving that can save more than 4-5 times heat than other swim pool heat pump.


From now, there are many people ask what will effect the Degaulle home endless pool costs?

For home endless pool customers, what matters is quality. You can enjoy our smart design, crystal-clear water, and signature adjustable current as a fully in-ground penthouse pool with marble coping.



Home Endless Pool Model


The home endless pool costs depends on the endless pool model. There are 6 models of home endless pool for you to choose.

1. DGL-9280 and DGL-9281 swim spa is with swimming jet.
2. DGL-4823 and DGL-5823 endless swim pool is with endless pool swimming machine which with 9 stalls to adjust the swimming speed that you can find your swimming speed with our home endless pool. And the home endless pool is with swimming and massage area together which you can swim and massage at the same time that will be more suitable for family use.
3. DGL-5800 and DGL-7900 endless swim pool is with endless pool swimming machine which with 9 stalls to adjust the swimming speed that you can find your swimming speed with our home endless pool. And the home endless pool is only with swimming area, that will be more suitable for professional swimmer to use with such as club, gym ect.

Home Endless Pool Optional Configuration

The Degaulle home endless pool costs depends on what kind of swimming pool configuration for the pool. As we all know, there are some basic configuration and optional configuration for you to choose according to your own needs on our offer.


Home Endless Pool Installation Method

The endless pool costs also depends on the installation method. There are three installation method for our home endless pool: ABOVE GROUND INSTALLATION, HALF INGROUND INSTALLATION and INGROUND INSTALLATION. There is no doubt that the above ground installation is the cheaper and easy way to install our home endless pool. Also Degaulle will offer you the Installation Drawing after 50% deposit paid. Then may i know which installation method of our home endless pool do you want?