The Traditional Swimming Pool Filtering System- Sand Filter

As we known,a complete swimming pool pipeline of water treatment equipment has: swimming pool filtering system, circulation system, disinfection system, heating system, training and massage system etc. The functions of each equipment are very important.Complete swimming pool equipment can ensure the effect of water treatment and the health of swimmer. The swimming pool filtration system plays a fundamental and dispensable role in the operation of the swimming pool.


Let’s give a brief analysis of the characteristics for the use of traditional swimming pool filtering system sand filter. The sand filter on the market mainly include fiberglass sand filter and stainless steel pool filter. Let’s compare this two type filter from a different perspective.




1. Using Life Time: Stainless steel pool filter will never break,and the effective use period will reach at least 50years.


2. Using Function: Firstly,stainless steel pool filter is a must-select filter equipment for mariculture and aquariums,because it’s very corrosion resistant.Secondly,the effective temperature of the stainless steel pool filter can exceed 300 degrees,while the fiberglass sand filter has a temperature resistance of 43 degrees.Therefore,:stainless steel pool filter is the preferred filter equipment for hot springs.


3. Using Cost: Degaulle, the sand filter suppliers,provides the most cost-effective sand filter.


Maybe you are wondering if there are other advantages of fiberglass sand filter besides of the price ? Yes,of course.


1. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,provide the filter with environmentally friendly materials,fiberglass,it has integral structural polyester fiberglass bases for superior tank support,and it has the function of anti-magnetic outside line,it has good wear resistance,corrosion resistance and keep a stable shape.


2. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,provide the fiberglass filter outlet  turbidity<2FTU.


3. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,provide the fiberglass filter and water pump as a filtration combo,it’s the most recommendable equipment for the swimming pool and fish pond.Easy to install,maintain free.


4. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,provide the high effective sand filter.Uniquely designed distribution make a stable and even water flow to improve drainage system.


5. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,use the ergonomically designed six position multiport valve,metric or imperial piping flanges avaliable,wide variety of sizes available.Sand drain plug for easier sand removal-replacement.


6. Degaulle,best of sand filter suppliers,have pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure,virtually maintenance free,simply backwash filter when required.


Sand filter have a wide range fo applications. If you need swimming pool filtering system, purification and filtration of water parks, massage pools and water features, aquarium, freshwater aquaculture, landscape fountain water treatment, please contact with us. As a manufacture of filtration equipment for 23 years, Degaulle provides you with one-stop service.

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