Degaulle Counter Current Machine For Swimming Pool-Model HSM 680

In order to exercise and boost our own immunity, swimming is an indispensable sport. But under the epidemic situation, how we can swim happily at home ? you must need swim current machine HSM680.


It can realize the function of swimming against the current,like swimming in the river.The water flow is stable and powerful.Swimming pool with current designed with 8 optional swimming speeds for swimmers to choose.Swimmers can choose different gears according to their own swimming level.The 680mm water outlet is designed with a deflector inside.

  • HSM680 swim current machine is very easy to install.Wall-mounted on the wall of the current swimming pool,only fix with 4pcs screws.2 workers can complete the installation in 20minutes.
  • HSM680 swim current machine is very easy to operate which you just control on the machine without our intelligent controller on the top of machine.
  • HSM680 swim current machine have a nice appearance.The equipment uses acrylic materials as the shell,reinforced with glass fiber reinforced plastic inside,and has a beautiful appearance.The materials has strong weather resistance when used outdoors.


Swimming pool with current  is a multifunctional swimming training unit,integrating pool water circulation filtration, disinfection, and counter current swimming training. The engineering volume is very small,no need computer room.
The swimming pool with current  have the wide range of applications,villa small swimming pool, duplex building small swimming pool, private club pool, villa small swimming pool renovation.

  • Current swimming pool is safety,it is equipped with a low-voltage DC drive,which provides safety guarantee for swimming consumers.
  • Current swimming pool intelligent control:it is intelligent,which makes the operation easier.
  • Current swimming pool  use independent water inlet and outlet pipes,instead of traditional merging of inlet and outlet pipes.


Swimming pool with current just consumes one kilowatt-hour of electricity every day,energy saving. May you ask how to install the device for current swimming pool ? They supply the drawing draft when you order,and instruction manual,video,all is available online. May you ask,where can i get the such good equipment  Swimming pool with current  ?


Please contact with Guangzhou Denor Swimming Pool Equipment CO.,Ltd,they are manufacture for swimming pool equipment since 1998 year,supply one stop station service for your pool.

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