Degaulle Integrative Filtration Equipment For Swimming Pool-S350 Pool Filter

As we known,a complete swimming pool pipeline of water treatment equipment has: circulation system, pool filtration system, disinfection system, etc.The functions of each equipment are very important. Complete swimming pool equipment can ensure the effect of water treatment and the health of swimmer. And the pool filtration system plays a fundamental and indispensable role in the operation of the swimming pool.


Today let’s give a brief analysis of the characteristics of new technology integrative pool filter system for model S350.

  • Degaulle S350 pool filter system ,it can be directly embedded in the pool wall without protruding from the pool wall and the ground, and is extremely coordinated with the surrounding environment, saving the cost of the land and building, and it has two kind of installation methods ,Embedded method and Wall-mounted method.
  • Degaulle S350 pool filtration system is safety and environmental protection: only need to add a cooking salt into the swimming pool, generate chloride ions through the electrolysis of the salt and chlorine machine, and disinfect the swimming pool. It is 100% away from chemical drugs and has no side effects on the human body.
  • Degaulle S350 pool filter system is equipped with DuPont filter bag to filter pool water. Only need to clean the filter bag to remove filter dirt,then put it back to reuse. And it is equipped with two filter bags, one for use and one for spare, with a service life of more than 2 years.
  • Degaulle S350 pool filtration system with intelligent timing function, the switch time can be set, and the machine can be switched on and off at multiple times a day to ensure the filtering effect and prolong the service life of the motor.


  • Degaulle S350 pool filter system is beautiful and durable, safe and reliable: the product shell uses LLDPE, the mold is formed at one time, and can withstand the pressure of more than 300KG.
  • Degaulle S350 pool filtration system with the bypass water outlet can be increased, so that the pool water is evenly distributed and the dead water area is reduced.
  • Degaulle S350 pool filter system has the function of sucking and discharging sewage, and has an underwater light for lighting.
  • Degaulle S350 pipeless swimming pool filter price is comprehensive,no need electronic room,and make the traditional work for electronic room and connected the pool pipes with machine room.It has water pump,filter,underwater light,transformer,intelligent electronic control box.


  • Pipeless swimming pool filter price depends on the pool water flow for the quantity of equipment.
  • Pipeless swimming pool filter price depends on the configuration of the equipment,salt chlorine machine is optional,you use choose the model with dosing pump.
  • Pipeless swimming pool filter price depends on the quantity,Degaulle are pool equipment factory,could accept OEM order also.
  • Pipeless swimming pool filter price depends on the type of equipment you choose,expect this model S350,have the integrative filter equipment model for the underground type also,please contact with us for more details.


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