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The Best Private Swimming Pool-Endless Pool Swim Spa


The high temperature continues in summer, and everyone wants to go to the swimming pool to cool off. This has become the choice of most people, but most of the swimming pools will have some unsatisfactory places. There are too many people in summer and too cold in winter, and the environment of public swimming pools is also worrying. Most people want to build a swimming pool in their own villa, but they feel that there is not enough space in their own home to make a swimming pool. It doesn't make much sense to swim in a too small swimming pool and need to turn around frequently. Has swimming at home become our dream?




Based on the above aspects,Degaulle pools as one of the professional swimming pool companies carry forward the innovative spirit of innovation. Develop the endless swimming pool , one of the best mini whole set Endless pool swim spa of our company . Here are some main advantage of our this Endless pool swim spa on below:




1.Our endless swimming pool has 9 gears of water flow speed, which can more accurately find the water flow speed that suits you. It will not be unable to swim because the current is too fast, and it will not be ineffective because the current is too slow.

2.Our endless swimming pool ranges from a minimum of 10 square meters to a maximum of 20 square meters, and can be installed in the corner of the yard, terrace, basement, garage or even the living room.

3.Our endless swimming pool is a one-piece swimming pool, which does not require digging or additional installation of swimming pool water treatment equipment. Only need to debug the equipment and it can be put into use.

4.Our endless swimming pool price is very suitable for customer ,because our pool is equipped with filtration systems and disinfection systems inside, and its professionalism meets commercial requirements. As long as the cycle filtration and disinfection system is set to start regularly, the water can be changed every 2-3 months to save water resources.

5.Our endless swimming pool is equipped with a constant temperature system to set a temperature suitable for the human body, and you can continue swimming even in colder weather without fear of the cold

So, how much does it cost to build an endless pool swim spa machine at home? May wish to understand with the editor.




1.Endless Swimming Pool Price depends on the size of the pool:

The length of the endless pool swim spa is 4-8 meters, and the width is about 2.3 meters. Different swimming pool sizes are important factors for the different prices of endless pool swim spa . At present, our endless swimming pool has DGL5823, DGL4823, DGL7900 and DGL5800 those 4 models for you to choose.

2.Endless Swimming Pool Price depends on the pool body material is imported:

Generally speaking, domestic pool materials are cheaper than foreign ones, because the choice of whether to import infinity pools will also affect the cost of infinity pools.

3.Endless Swimming Pool Price depends on the configuration of the pool accessory and equipment:

Swimming pool ancillary equipment includes: circulation system, filtration system, disinfection system, constant temperature system etc. The different options of the capacity and brand of these swimming pool operating ancillary equipment are also important factors that constitute the different prices of endless swimming pool.


Due to the convenience and characteristics of our endless swimming pool, if you want to install one endless swimming pool at home or want to get the endless swimming pool price base on your require ,feel free to contact us. If you would like additional information for our endless swimming machine or another pool equipment,please contact us. Degaulle Pool a factory specializing in the production of swimming pool equipment and a company that provides professional advice on swimming pool construction

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