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The Best Swim Machine For Training Model DN-1700-UL


Now,Swimming fitness training is loved by more and more people, so now more and more people join swimming fitness training. Swimming fitness training has many benefits to the body. The following specifically introduces the main benefits of swimming fitness training:

1. Increase cardiopulmonary function:

People who have been training for swimming for a long time have better cardiorespiratory function for the average person. This is because the heart blood recovery speed is greatly improved due to the massage effect of the water flow on the human body in a horizontal state, which greatly increases the burden on the respiratory muscles. The pressure of 12-15kg of water compresses the entire brain cavity and contributes to the increase of lung capacity.

2. Lose weight:

Swimming fitness training is undoubtedly an efficient way to lose weight. People who swim often have tighter muscles, and their arms and legs are thinner than ordinary people.

3. Prevent insomnia and relieve stress:

Swimming training has a good effect on preventing insomnia and relieving stress. Especially for mental workers who often use their brains, swimming can relax the whole body, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and speed up metabolism. It is the best relaxation for the whole person in this process.

Based on the above benefits, Would you want one sw-im machine for training on your garden or your apartment? However, some people worry the Safe,Complex operation,and Complex installation method for swimming training machine.

So Is there any other option? Of course yes.

Degaulle pools as one of the professional swimming pool companies carry forward the innovative spirit of innovation. Develop the counter current swimming training machine, the best swimming machine for training of our company. The principle of our swimming training machine is also relatively simple: the water in the pool is sucked into the machine to do work and then pushed out, and the swimmer can continue to swim forward in the small pool space by the flow of water.


Here are some main advantage of our this swimming training machine on below:

  • Our this swim training machine is no need for a computer room, which saves room space and is easy to install.
  • Our this swim training machine equipped with ozone sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization to ensure the pool is cleaner.
  • Our this swim training machine is using Canadian Gecko control system, 1 keys operation, it is very simpler to operate.
  • Our this swim training machine adopts anti-ultraviolet and antibacterial acrylic material imported from the United States, which is easier to clean and take care of.
  • Our this swim training machine is equipped with 12 level adjustable speeds. Beginner swimmers can adjust the speed to the minimum flow rate of 100m3/h to learn to swim. Professional swimmers can adjust the speed to the minimum flow rate of 1200m3/h to improve swimming skills and strength.


Due to the convenience and characteristics of our swimming training machine, if your small pool want to equipped with our best swim machine for training,feel free to contact us.


We will install a counter-current swimming machine to realize the feeling that swimmers can swim in the bed-type swimming pool and feel like swimming in 50-meter standard swimming lane at home.


If you would like additional information for our best swim machine for training or another pool equipment,please contact us. Degaulle Pool a factory specializing in the production of swimming pool equipment and a company that provides professional advice on swimming pool construction.

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