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Somethings About Counter Current Swimming Machine


Many people like to swim for fitness, in order to continue to exercise through swimming. Many people build swimming pools at home, but because of the limited space at home, the swimming pools at home are mainly small swimming pools. Swimming in such small swimming pools requires frequent U-turns, which is not only unpleasant but also very tiring. if it is unpleasant that swim in small swimming pools, why do so many people build such small swimming pools?


1.Due to the impact of the epidemic, public swimming places may only be partially open this year. So if you want to swim freely, it is better to build a private swimming pool in a place of 10 square meters at home! At the same time, under the influence of the epidemic, the swimming pool has been in a state of suspension. After all, the possibility of germs spreading in public swimming pools will greatly increase. Even if it is open, some people will not dare to go.


2.Winter swimming has the effect of promoting endocrine. After the human body receives strong cold stimulation, it will immediately reflect to the pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, gonad and other glands through the nervous system, and each gland will secrete corresponding hormones, the so-called neurohumoral. Then adjust the physiological functions of the corresponding organs through the corresponding nerve centers to establish a new balance. It stands to reason that the secretory function of each gland should decrease with age, but tests have shown that the secretion of thyroxine in winter swimmers has increased. Testosterone levels are also increased, which is beneficial to the physical and mental health of swimmers.


3.The villa pool can accommodate many people to play in the pool at the same time, which is a good choice for family gatherings. When there are multiple children in the family, parents can accompany the children to teach them to swim, and at the same time they can chat with their friends, without worrying about the children walking around, they can also enjoy the time with friends, how comfortable it is.


However, due to the limited space in the home, the swimming pool at home is mainly a small swimming pool. Swimming in such a small swimming pool requires frequent U-turns, which is not only unpleasant.Besides the amount of renovation works is large and the cost is high to blocked their enthusiasm. Has swimming at home become our dream? Don’t worry, let me bring you a swimming pool equipment today, which can turn a small swimming pool into a “big swimming pool”, even if it is a small space. It can swim indefinitely, it is our counter current swimming machine. Here are some details about our counter current machine for your reference:


1.Our MIG-25 counter current swimming machine can realize the function of swimming against the current,like swimming in the river.The water flow is stable and powerful.Swimming pool with current designed with 99 optional swimming speeds for swimmers to choose.Swimmers can choose different gears according to their own swimming level.The 430mm water outlet is designed with a deflector inside.

2.Our MIG-25 counter current swimming machine is very easy to install wall-mounted on the wall of the current swimming pool,only fix with 2pcs screws 2 workers can complete the installation in 20minutes, no need to discharge the pool water zero engineering installation, no need to change the surrounding environment of the swimming pool.

3.Our MIG-25 counter current swimming machine is very easy to operate which you just control on the machine with our intelligent controller on the top of machine or you can control with our watch.

4.Our MIG-25 counter current swimming machine equipped with dual motor and the size is small with more powerful pool water flow.


Besides,many customer may care about the counter current machine price :

1.Counter current machine price depends on the different model,we have several model for counter current machine,you can let us know your requirement,and we will advice the suitable one for you,more detail please contact with us.

2.Counter current machine price depends on the brand.Different brand of the counter current machine have different water flow speed grades and water outlet widths, and these same factors will affect the production and research and development of swimming pool water treatment equipment, and then affect other comprehensive pricing.

3.Counter current machine price depends on the differences in after-sales service, after-sales service standardization swimming pool equipment is dedicated to the development of service and maintenance, especially to a certain extent, it can effectively delay the maintenance time according to needs, which requires further introduction of labor costs. Therefore, high-quality swimming pool equipment will also be considered according to the scope and needs of service and maintenance in the pricing process.

4.Counter current machine price depends on the different configurations, for example, some customers need the counter current machine with dual motors, and some need to have remote control watches, which will lead to price differences.


If you have any interest or want more details about our pool equipment and our counter current swimming machine pool,feel free to contact with us.

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