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How To Choose Swimming Pool Filtration System Equipment ?


In the hot summer and swimming season, with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for swimming pool water quality, and the increasing attention to physical health. Swimming pool cleaning is the daily work of swimming pool managers, which determines the cleanliness of swimming pool water. There are traditional sand tank pump filtration systems and integrated swimming pool filtration systems that are common in the market today.


Generally speaking, the traditional sand tank pump filtration system needs to have a machine room.Large swimming pools generally use swimming pool water filters with machine rooms, including circulating filtration equipment,Disinfection equipment, constant temperature equipment, etc., but the construction of the computer room needs to occupy a certain space,The installation process is relatively complicated and the investment cost is high, so it is not an ideal choice for private villa swimming pools.


Now private villa swimming pools are generally equipped with integrated swimming pool filtration systems.Compared with traditional swimming pool water filters, it is more convenient to operate.Multi-function, simple installation, convenient post-maintenance,It is the best choice for villa swimming pools, residential swimming pools and public swimming pools.Integrated swimming pool equipment has great advantages, so it will be chosen by many people. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of our Degaulle integration swimming pool filtration system:


1. No computer room required

The integrated pool filtration system for swimming pools can be installed directly on the side of the swimming pool without building a machine room, saving the cost and floor space of the machine room.There is no need to build a computer room like a traditional reinforced concrete structure, which greatly saves installation costs and floor space.


2. Fully functional

The integrated swimming pool filtration system integrates filtration, disinfection, escalators, and underwater lighting. Moreover, it integrates various functions such as automatic dosing and sewage suction at the bottom of the pool, which can directly filter and circulate, without the need for pre-buried pipes for water circulation, and without the need to design complex water supply and drainage pipes. It will be a substitute for the traditional sand tank pump filter system;


3. Low operating cost and strong capability

The integrated swimming pool filtration system mainly adopts a fully automatic operation system.This provides the water body with purification treatment capacity, and also saves water treatment time and costs.Its function is to filter impurities in the water, purify the pool water, keep the pool water fresh, and integrate the swimming pool equipment to prolong the use time of the pool water.Small in size, it also has the functions of filtration and disinfection, and can be equipped with constant temperature heating equipment, At the same time, it also has the advantages of anti-corrosion, anti-scratch, anti-leakage and anti-tear.


The integrated pool filtration system reduces the frequency of water changes and reduces the management and maintenance costs of the swimming pool.The three-dimensional circulation is adopted, and the traditional circulation method of water distribution on the plane of the swimming pool is abandoned, so there is no problem of dead angle in the eddy current. And it is precisely because of the three-dimensional circulation, the water quality is better.


4. Built-in LED high-brightness energy-saving underwater light

There is no need to install additional underwater lights, maintenance is simple, and the machine can be automatically turned on and off.The operating cost is only one-third of the traditional sand tank pump filtration system,Moreover, the construction cost of the villa integrated swimming pool water filter is low, and the maintenance cost is low.


5. No need for pre-buried pipes

From the perspective of waterproofing, the swimming pool water filter is integrated due to the structure of the pool body.There is no need for water pipes and line pipes to pass through the pool wall, so there will be no leakage that is common in traditional swimming pools.The most important thing is that the swimming pool integrated swimming pool filter system can be installed near the swimming pool, with low noise and high safety factor.Moreover, the pool filtration system is small in size and can be buried in the ground, which can free up space to beautify the swimming pool.


In addition, the installation of the integrated swimming pool water filter is also very simple, which greatly reduces the workload and improves the work efficiency. The swimming pool integrated pool filtration system can be said to be a multi-functional villa swimming pool equipment.The use of villa swimming pools is not only simple to maintain, but also saves the purchase of other swimming pool accessories, which greatly saves construction costs. Therefore, villa swimming pools, residential swimming pools, and public swimming pools can consider using this lightweight, functional and durable pool filtration system.Create a healthy and safe swimming environment for swimmers, so that everyone can swim in pure water with peace of mind!

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